Why You Should Donate Your Used Clothes

Is your closet or dresser filled with old clothes that you no longer touch? Are they taking up space for new items of clothing that you use more often? Maybe you just want to declutter and have decided to pitch some clothes in the process.

Whatever the situation, if you have old clothes that you want to get rid of then you should consider donating them to the American Red Cross. There is most likely a Red Cross donation center near you that you can swing by on your way to work.

You might be wondering why you should take the time to donate your clothes when you could just pitch them in the trash. It might be easier to throw them out, but there are a lot of benefits to choosing to make them American Red Cross donations instead.


One huge benefit of clothes donations is that they help to recycle old clothes and cut back on waste. American Red Cross donations keep clothes out of dumps and give them a second life. This is better for the environment and an easy way to make an impact.

Help the Less Fortunate

Another great thing about choosing to donate old clothing is that it helps people in need. These clothes are resold at a low price that people who are less fortunate can afford. You can give back to your community and help put clothes on the backs of people who might not be able to buy them otherwise.

Support a Great Cause

American Red Cross donations go towards helping them provide relief efforts to areas in disaster. They also take blood donations that can help to save lives. Donating used clothes to the American Red Cross is a great way to support their cause without spending any money yourself.

Donating clothes to the American Red Cross is a great way to give back to your community and to look after the environment. It’s an easy process that provides more benefits than just tossing old clothes in the trash. The next time you are cleaning out your dresser or closet, keep this organization in mind and consider donating.

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