What To Consider When Making A Move Here In The United States

Moving is incredibly common here in the United States. In fact, the average person is actually likely to move as many as 12 times throughout the course of their life, with up to half of those moves occurring before they reach the age of 30. After all, there are many reasons that people choose to move, from looking for a better home to getting a job opportunity in another part of the country to simply just looking for the right place to start a family.

People who rent are particularly likely to move on a regular basis. After all, more than 30% of all renters (around 33% of them, to be a little bit more precise) here in the United States alone will move on a yearly basis. For many of them, moving to a better apartment or avoiding a hike in the rent are key reasons for making these moves. And renting has become more popular than ever before here in the United States, with more than 42 million homes and apartments and other housing units all currently being rented all throughout the United States – a number that is only likely to keep growing and growing with time.

There are many reasons to engage in apartment living over owning a property. For one thing, many people will rent an apartment during their college years and directly after, before they really get established and settled. College kids are likely to move from place to place with each year, depending on their class schedules and any jobs that they might be working on the side. Renting up through the end of college is more than ideal, as it is essential for many a college student to be able to move with the end of a lease – especially as job opportunities start coming in at the end of senior year.

But renting an apartment is not just popular among the very young. In fact, more established adults are choosing to rent instead of own as well, a phenomena that can be seen all throughout the country as a whole. Up to half of renters, if not more of them, simply choose to rent because it is within their best interests from a financial standpoint, and allows them to live a better lifestyle on a more consistent basis than if they owned a property and were trying to pay it off. Over the course of the next ten or so years, there are even projected to be a total of 10 million or so new renters just in this one country alone, from coast to coast and all of the places in between as well.

After all, many people are looking to live the country club lifestyle. And you don’t need to own a home in order for the country club lifestyle to be possible. In fact, luxury apartments for rent are more common now than ever before, and they make it so that the country club lifestyle is more than attainable for many kinds of people. The country club lifestyle can even be easier to attain when renting instead of owning real estate, as mortgage payments and the like can really take away from the ability to live that country club lifestyle for many people. Rental amenities and renting a furnished unit can also help with the dream of living a country club lifestyle, and many throughout the country actually find that they get far more out of renting than they would from owning.

At the end of the day, choosing to rent is something that can be ideal for a number of different reasons. From saving money to living the country club lifestyle to having the opportunity to move from place to place much more easily and frequently, renting is looking ideal to more people here in the United States than ever before. For many people, renting is a good long term solution, and some people will never plan to buy their own home and own property – and they are perfectly fine with this. When you’re renting, you’ll likely even get the chance to take advantage of various amenities with the rental association.

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