What Happens When You Donate That Used Clothing

What is it that you do with that clothing you just can’t bring yourself to wear anymore? You know the items, the ones that might be a little too tight or way to big, the items that just are no longer your style. Those clothing items that you once loved and had to have lately have just been pushed to the back of the closet over and over again. That is when these items become the pieces that need to be turned into clothes donations for the greater good.

Why Should You Donate That Used Clothing

The real question should be why shouldn’t you. When you donate old clothing you give that clothing another chance to be someone’s lucky sweater or favorite pair of jeans. By donating clothes you give someone a second chance at finding that perfect outfit for an interview that will change their lives and get them back on the path to donating their own clothing next. Donating clothing is the right thing to do, the positive thing that helps out the less fortunate.

You can be one of those individuals who doesn’t contribute to the 10 pounds of clothing that get thrown away by the average American each year. Instead, you’ll be doing your part and going green to help the world from developing more trash mass. Instead of adding things to the landfill that don’t decompose easily you’ll be giving clothing to red cross donation center establishments that get those clothes back out to the ones who need them.

Who Benefits From This?

Who benefits from used clothing donations? Red Cross donation center options will give those items that you no longer need or want to individuals who truly need them. These people are the ones who have come looking for help because they need it to get back on their feet. By giving your items to a red cross donation center you’re giving someone hope to not freeze or to children who may not have had that warm coat before. Your donations could make all of the difference in the world to those in need that the items go to.

Be part of that 70% of Americans who donate to a charity and help to clothe those who cannot buy clothes from department stores as easily as you can. With 15% of the population considered chronically homeless, the help of donations could be just the thing that those individuals need in order to function just as everyone else does.

Where Do You Bring Your Items

There is a Red Cross donation center within driving distance of most cities and towns. In some areas Red Cross clothing pickup is even an option that can be arranged with a simple phone call to a center near you. The arrangement for your Red Cross donations can be made and all you need to do is bag them and put them together for Red Cross pickup to come and take your goods before distributing them to their next homes.

Considering that there are about 15% of the population that is considered homeless, doing your part to give them the clothing they weren’t able to get before can make all of the difference to someone else. Go through your closet and put together those items that you don’t want or no longer need. There is always someone who could use those things that you just no longer want. With Red Cross clothes donations you’re giving someone else an opportunity that they may not have had the ability to have themselves. American Red Cross clothing donations are the perfect way to not only give to someone else in need but to also go through your own items and make room for a whole new crop of clothes.

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