No Home Should Feel Drab Or Cluttered Practical Design Tips For Your Next Decorating Project

Quality over quantity. This is a phrase that applies to so many things in life.

When you’re a homeowner starting to feel the pull of a drab and incomplete home, this no doubt rings true. Your surroundings are important to you, particularly when you’ve already sunk so many hours into design, and not being able to reap the rewards is disheartening. It’s time to consider the benefits of a home renovation project. Whether you want to add a conference table to your living room or are wondering how your bedroom furniture could use a little more color, this is an undertaking that’s as personal as it is healthy.

High quality furniture lasts a long time. More importantly, you’ll feel the benefits sooner rather than later.

Design Trends Come And Go…Which One Is Best For You?

A trend can be useful for giving you a starting point, though you should shelve quick-fix ideas in favor of features that speak to you. As another saying goes, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. A 2017 Interior Design Trends survey found just over one-third of respondents stating they would choose a neutral color palette when redecorating a home. This is a popular choice rooted in color theory, as neutral hues like brown and gray pair well with colors without going overboard. This will be explored further down the list.

Every Home Has Its Unique Properties And Measurements

When buying a new loveseat or setting up a conference table you need to make sure you’re matching your home’s measurements, not fighting them. This means double-checking how large your living room is, even if it means taking extra time to measure it out by hand. The average size of a traditional kitchen is 100 square feet, though this can sometimes be larger due to dining and cooking areas being attached. If you’re installing a rug, a common rule-of-thumb you can follow is keeping it one foot away from the room’s perimeter. Slowly, but surely, your dream will take shape.

Leather Furniture Is A Classic Mainstay Of Many Styles

There’s a reason you can find leather furniture in classic, Western, and modern styles alike. It’s a beautiful material that only grows more so with age, able to last a long time with minimal maintenance. Make sure to condition your leath furniture every six months or so to keep it soft, while keeping it out of direct sunlight. This can crack the leather and make it stiff. If you have a bedroom set or seat that is close to the window, consider draping over it a throw for a combined effect of aesthetic and protection.

Matching Furniture And A Strong Color Scheme Creates A Unified Look

Should you struggle with getting your conference table to match your new dressers, consider rethinking your color scheme. Able to tie together even the most slapdash approach, this is a fundamental art theory that applies to many areas of life. You can find it in photography, illustration, the works. Dark browns and grays allow you to add brighter shades like blue and green without seeming excessive. You can always go a step further and invest in a furniture set with a design already in mind.

Furniture Sets Can Help You Pair Things Together More Easily

Sometimes you’re a touch rusty on the redecorating side of things and need a launching pad to better. Furniture sets come with all the basics to get you past that frustrating first step and into the world of design. A bedroom furniture set, for example, can come with lighting and bedside tables, while living room sets can be large enough to include a conference table, chairs, and accessories. A Houzz survey found nearly 50% of today’s homeowners actively planning on redecorating their homes this year. This number is only going to get bigger as more become attuned to what they need and want.

Apply a little more quality to your life. See how a simple addition to your master bedroom or living room can change your home from the inside out.

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