How to preserve Playgrounds and the benefits

Preserving the Playground

Preserving a commercial playground can be rather cumbersome. Imagine having to spend a fortune on playground equipment and having to replace a swing set or a handicapped swing set in a years’ time. Schools usually spend about $8,000 – $50,000 on playground equipment. City parks also spend an exceeding amount of money on equipment. It’s abundantly obvious they want to refrain from spending any money on new equipment than they already have, such as swing mats, swing seat, etc. That’s why it’s essential to have repair kits on the playgrounds. Repair kit s offer a rubber service that allows them to mend Plastic playground borders, Swing seats, swing parts, swing hangers, etc. Here are some reasons why it’s wise for schools and Parks and Rec centers to invest in repair kits.

Playground Maintenance is crucial for children with disabilities

The population of handicapped children has been prevalent for a while now, and it continues to grow. Therefore, its’ imperative schools encompass handicap accessible playgrounds. These children should be able to enjoy themselves just as the other children; and more importantly, they shouldn’t be playing on feeble handicap equipment. Any injury that they have on the playground, may further harm their condition. Schools need to make sure the handicap accessible playgrounds are indeed intact. The handicap swing for the playground should not have a malfunction. Handicap swing chairs should also not encompass any discrepancies as well.

Public parks should not negate handicapped children either. The city has to take into consideration the variety of people that live in the city. Therefore, they need to make sure playgrounds are handicap accessible playgrounds. Handicap accessible playgrounds also need to be well maintained. Parents might not take kindly to the idea of their child constantly being injured at the park. They might decide to move to another city because their child doesn’t have a place to play. Families leaving the city reflects horribly on it. In this day in age, it’s crucial that handicap accessible playgrounds are available at public parks.

Children need a place to play!

According to sources, children playing supposedly stimulate brain development; and if children do not receive an abundance of gross motor activities, during the first six years of their life, their brain power will never fully develop. Academics aren’t the only crucial part of a child’s learning process. Exercise is also essential in the mold of a child’s mind, which further defines why playgrounds and handicap accessible playgrounds need to be preserved. A study also shows children spend less time outside than their own parents. Moreover, they only play outside for four hours a week. Their parents are outside 8.2 hours more. The parks in their neighborhood are probably decrepit, so they stay in the house. When children are not at school, they still need a place to play.

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