Off Campus Housing Options Can be Limited in Many Locations

Social media feeds are full of all kinds of tips for moving your student to college. There are lists numerate the 12 Things That You Should Not Take to the Dorm and the 15 Items That Every Dorm Room Needs. There are philosophical pieces about what you should say to your student as you are dropping her off and what you should write in a letter to give him encouragement during those first weeks of classes.

There are letters to The New Best Friends of My Childhood Friend and to the Roommate Who Will be Living with My Boyfriend.

If you have thought about it or worried about it or even looked it up on the internet, you will find plenty of advice for how to make the move to college that first year and what to expect when your son or daughter moves to school for their final year. What many of these lists and letters often ignore, however, is how to find apartments for students who want to move off campus.
It is great to have a plan about what to take and what to leave home, but if you are not having luck locating a good choice of apartments for students what are you supposed to do? When the on campus student housing options are full with freshmen who are required to live in the dorms, what are you supposed to do when you find out that you will need to look for residential real estate for rent in a still unfamiliar city?

Apartment Finding Services Often Focus on College Student Options

If it is the middle of summer and you just found out that the housing options that you thought you had in place are no longer available, you may need to look for a real estate resource who can help you locate the safest, convenient, and affordable options that are available as apartments for students. In large cities like Newark and Chicago, for instance, it may not always be as clear where the best housing options are as if you are searching for an off campus housing option in a small town. In any location, however, it is often in your student’s best interest if they work with a reputable realtor or apartment finding service to see what the best living plan might be.

Approximately 2,654 individuals enter the rental market every day, according to the Rental Protection Agency. As college students arrive in need of housing, however, the challenges can be even greater. Finding a nine month, the typical length of a school year, lease may be impossible in some cities, but a viable option in others. in the year 2017 there were more than 111 million renters that called apartments home in the U.S., and at any given time a percentage of these are college student apartment dwellers who needed to often come up with a place to live in a city that can often seem confusing.

College families can have all of the lists in the world about what to take and what to leave home, but the first priority has to be finding a place with a bed, a bathroom, and a kitchen. That is the initial list that everyone is concerned about!

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