Over 85% Of American Households Have Hard Water Build-Up Spotting The Signs In Your Home

Water impacts everything we do.

This isn’t just hyperbole. Even our bodies are made up of two-thirds water! We use our faucets and sinks to prepare food, clean our dishes, rinse ourselves off…it’s actually hard to see where we’d be without steady access to a quality water system. When you start to notice hard water build-up in your shower (or have had a contamination affect the water supply in your area), it suddenly becomes a lot less hard to imagine. Creating clean water is as simple as assessing your whole home water treatment resources and doing a quick test to see just where you stand concerning common contaminants.

Have you tried chlorine removal before? Do you have hard water build-up? The questions below are for you and the future of your home.

Did You Know?

Water usage is a common issue today. More families are becoming aware of the negative impact a lack of clean water can have on their daily lives. As many as 85% of American households today are affected by hard water build-up. It’s also estimated the average daily household water usage exceeds 350 gallons. The health benefits of a reverse osmosis filter or water softener for the home can make sure you’re never having any doubts about the quality of the water you drink, much less wasting money on a filtration system that isn’t actually helping you out.

The Side-Effects Of Dehydration

Here’s something you might not know about. One of the most common health issues facing Americans today is chronic dehydration. Also known as the ‘hidden epidemic’, it’s estimated as much as 75% of all North Americans are chronically dehydrated. Even mild dehydration can suck away your energy, leave you tired and affect your ability to concentrate. By the time you start feeling thirsty your body has already lost 2% to 3% of its total water count, with 10% or higher potentially being fatal. Next time you feel the urge to make some coffee or grab a soda, consider pouring yourself some water instead.

Signs Of Hard Water Build-Up

Let’s start off with the most common issue affecting the water quality of American homes: hard water build-up. When you notice a scummy white or gray residue in your bathtub you’re already noticing the signs of too many minerals in your water supply. Hardness in water is measured in grains per gallon, with one grain equaling a little over 17 milligrams per liter. Even Americans who don’t live in ‘very hard’ or ‘extremely hard’ water zones can start seeing the visual signs of hard water build-up at seven grains of hardness. A water softener can make sure the majority of excess minerals are kept at bay.

Other Common Contaminants

Your drinking water can also see other contaminants sneaking in without your notice. This includes illnesses like E.Coli and salmonella on top of elements like rust, dirt and general bacteria. A reverse osmosis system is designed to keep the majority of harmful bacteria out of your whole home water system, with a water softener also making sure you don’t have to worry about excess minerals. If you’ve been considering the benefits of a water softener or water treatment system on your home, now’s the time to put your nose to the grind and find a professional in your area.

Using A Whole House Filtration System

Your drinking water should be safe every time you twist on your faucet and take a drink. You should never have to worry about the side-effects of drinking too much hard water or risking an illness from a contaminated water system. Drinking clean water regularly will make sure you’re healthy in more ways than one. Recent research has shown staying hydrated can reduce your risk of colon cancer by up to 45% as well as bladder cancer by 50%. There are also some studies determining the correlation between regular water consumption and breast cancer risk reduction as well.

Get your water tested this year. Make sure you’re putting you and your family’s health first.

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