Chores Charts for Kids by Age

Tracking kids chores

Just about every parent agrees that chores are vital for children. Just about every parent also agrees that this can be a hard thing to accomplish, especially when you have multiple children residing in one house. Blended families can have a hard time figuring out chores when there are more kids one weekend that there are on others. A chore chart is a good way to keep track of what everyone is supposed to be doing and keep them on track. Read below to see suitable chores based on kids ages.

Toddlers Two’s and Three’s

It may seem like there are things that toddlers are not capable of doing, but there are chores that children in this age group can completely do on their own, and some with the help of an adult. Making their beds and cleaning their room or other areas where their toys are located are things that toddlers should be able to handle on their own or with minimal supervision. Things that parents are guardians can help children this age with is bringing their laundry to the laundry room and putting it in the washer or dryer. Feeding and watering the animals, and setting the table with napkins and silverware. A chore chart with pictures and stickers works best for children this young.

Preschool Four’s and Five’s

Children this age are still eager to help and respond well to praise, but things such as paying children allowance can help encourage chores for this age group to become routine. Chores for children this age include cleaning the table after dinner and assisting with dinner. Things such as salads are easy for children this age to make and it helps encourage them to eat it since they helped prepare it. Having them help and increasing their chore load when it comes to family pets, also helps encourage responsibility.

Bigger Kids Six Through Eight

By this time you children are learning more independence and this is the time when it is important to encourage routine chores so that they are used to it. A chore chart comes in handy for tracking kids chores at this point in time especially if there are multiple kids in the house. Children this age still respond well to allowance as a reward for doing their chores. Things that these kids can handle include trash chores, vacuuming and dusting certain rooms in the house, making sure all towels are hung in the bathroom and all toys are picked up from it, being responsible for their own hygiene and picking out their own clothes.

Older Bigger kids Nine Through Twelve

These kiddos are usually entering their preteen years and you may start to face challenges when it comes to chores in the house. This is when a chore chart is best for managing household chores without any fighting, bargaining or issues. This is also the point in time when you may want to check into an allowance app or an allowance debit card. This can help you also teach financial responsibility while monitoring their spending. Chores that are adequate for children this age include setting their alarm clock and getting up to it, keeping their rooms tidy, being responsible for their own homework, sweeping and mopping, washing dishes, and raking leaves outside.


These can be some very trying years for any parent, and it may be one time that you are happy you started some consistency and stuck with it. A chore chart may be the only thing that eliminates teenage fights. Chores for teenagers include all those listed above including mowing the lawn and washing their clothes and putting them up. Keep in mind if they have a job then they have responsibilities already therefore some of the household responsibilities may be handed down to younger siblings. This doesn’t mean, however, they should have no chores.
Use these tips as a subtle reminder of household chores. Also encourage children to look at the chart for chores and complete them by the chart rather than ask you or having to be reminded. With a little practice this chore chart can make life much easier for all household members.

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