How Adding A Sailcloth Tent Or LED Furniture Can Transform An Average Party Into A Fantastic Event

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Throwing a party is a lot of work. Why make it more complicated than it needs to be?

Renting your party equipment not just covers the basics, it keeps you from pulling your hair out as you fine tune the details on your best office party, Bar Mitzvah or wedding reception yet. Backyard party rentals, dance floor rentals and rental linens will all go a long way in keeping your event organized and covered from head-to-toe. You don’t even have to worry about the occasional troublesome spill. How can you take advantage of linen rentals for parties while still keeping your head above water? The tips below will ensure you’re spending more time having fun and less time being frazzled.

Throwing An Outdoor Event? Tents Have You Covered

You’ll never have to worry about gregarious winds or the occasional light shower when you have party tent rentals on your side. These are easy to set up and save you a lot of worry if the weather proves finicky. Sailcloth tents, in particular, are an elegant addition to any outdoor venue — they simulate the feel of the ocean and the open air, billowing gracefully and giving your party that much more pop. According to recent industry estimates, the average Bar Mitzvah these days run anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. How will you spend your budget?

Make Sure You Have Enough Tables And Chairs

The last thing you want at any party, be it a Sweet Sixteen or family reunion, is to not have enough places for people to sit and relax. Renting will make sure you’re never low. Chair and table rentals are considered one of the most essential aspects of any party planner and shouldn’t be overlooked when you drop by a party rental store — just do a headcount of all the guests you’ll be expecting and tack a few extra on just in case someone decides to bring a friend. Don’t forget to add rental linens on your to-do list, as these can do the dual work of keeping the furniture clean and helping you decorate your way to a memorable, beautiful party.

Add A Splash Of Style With LED Lights

Want to go all out and create an aesthetic that will stay in everyone’s minds? Look into LED furniture. These are the ideal solution to add additional zest to any party, able to be set up around the backyard or wrapped around existing furniture depending on your personal taste. This is an especially savvy way to continue the party well into the evening or night, to boot. You can find LED lights in a wide variety of colors and styles to simulate the look of a downtown club or a starry sky, all the better to make sure this is your best party yet!

Don’t Forget Your Party Accessories

What other party accessories should you have to make sure your event is a hit? It doesn’t hurt to start with napkin holders. Spills are commonplace, even when there are no kids around, and should always be prepared for with a few extra stacks on hand. When planning out the details for your wedding reception, it’s entirely understandable to want every last detail to be perfect. Party rental stores will have all the basics on hand and then some, ensuring you won’t have a thing out of place when it’s time to start calling people over.

Stay Sane And Visit A Party Rental Store

Weddings, baby showers, Sweet Sixteens…you’ll never have to fret about a deadline again when you decide to start renting your party equipment. Rental linens are a high-quality and elegant choice to top off your chairs and tables, with additional napkins, sashes and table runners to make sure your entire set-up looks as cohesive as possible. LED furniture is fast becoming the go-to choice for party planners who want to stand out and give their event a little extra dazzle with less effort. Even a few sailcloth tent rentals can transform a basic backyard set-up into something greater.

When it comes to parties, renting is the way to go. Who says you can’t have it all?

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