Five Tips for Staging the Perfect Home

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One of the most exciting times in a house hunt is finding the perfect home. Many homeowners find they face a hurdle which is selling their current home. Staging a piece of realty is easier when you have a few tips to follow. What you are about to read will cover many aspects of the staging process. Learning how to properly stage each area of your home is very beneficial. In this post, you will learn five staging tips to make this process a breeze.

  1. Start with Outdoor Space

    An important area to take care of during realty staging is the outdoor space of your property. It’s easy for those selling a home to be overly concerned with the home itself. Ensuring you spruce up your yard will help when selling your home. Many outdoor renovations can be done for a relatively inexpensive amount of money. It’s never too early to start upgrading your outdoor spaces. Creating a small flower bed near the front of the home adds an element of the visual beauty of any listing.
  2. Remove Clutter from Inside of Home

    It’s time to move inside of the home. Everyone finds that their realty spaces become filled with too many items. Staging preparation will involve removing clutter. Placing your home for sale means removing items that are filling up your house. You can probably look around your home and know which areas have become overly cluttered. Closets and cupboards are two major sources of clutter in any home. You don’t need to do a complete inventory of every item in your home. However, it’s best to keep clutter boxed up and out of sight from any potential home buyer.
  3. Ensure Surfaces are Professionally Cleaned

    In most cases, the floors and walls of a home will lose their brand new look over time. You can either clean these surfaces yourself or hire an outside service. It’s wise to check online reviews before choosing a cleaning company. One study finds 52% of buyers felt that finding the right house was the hardest part of purchasing a home. Having an extremely clean home will help ensure buyers think of your property as the right house to buy.
  4. Give Every Room a Theme

    Research shows that 33% of those renting move each year. Many of these renters are making the move to purchasing their own home. When walking through your property, it’s best to give every room a purpose. Buyers are looking to imagine their new lives while checking out your home. Giving every room a purpose helps buyers connect the dots and picture living there. New homes for sale are being listed all of the time. Giving each room a purpose means doing extra work that helps your listing stand out.
  5. Ask Others for Staging Ideas

    You might find that someone you know has an idea you have not thought of. One study finds that 78% of recent home buyers felt a real estate agent provided a wealth of information. Many agents recommend setting aside money to upgrade your home before staging it. An important part of selling realty is asking outside sources for their opinion.

In closing, there are several staging tips to follow that speed up selling your realty space. Starting with the outdoor area of your property will ensure you have great curb appeal. Removing clutter from inside your home is an important part of staging. You will want to focus on any items that don’t have to do with furniture and artwork. You will want to pay what is needed to have all interior home surfaces cleaned. Potential home buyers don’t want to walk through a home filled with stains and other eyesores. Giving each room a unique theme helps buyers to imagine their new life in your listing. Don’t be afraid to ask close to you for additional staging tips. Ensuring your home is ready to stage will help ensure your piece of realty is sold quickly.

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