5 Tips for Maintaining and Prolonging the Life of Your Roof

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With proper maintenance and upkeep, your roof can last for many years. It is best to prolong the roofs condition as long as possible, as a brand new roof can be costly. Realistically, metal roofs often last 50 or more years with proper maintenance. The following upkeep and maintenance tips are recommended when it comes to the care of your roof.

Install high quality gutters
Your roof takes a lot of damage. In the summer, heavy rain can pull tree branches and leaves on top of the roof. In the winter, heavy snowfalls can land and sit on the roof, eventually freezing into solid ice capsules. Gutters prevent things like leaves, tree branches, and sticks from sitting on the roof and damaging it structure. Many aluminum roofing companies recommend inspecting and replacing your gutters on the same schedule as your roof.

Remove debris from roof
Although a high quality gutter will pull a lot of the debris off of your roof, you will still need to manually remove anything that is left. Most roofs today are designed on a slant so that debris does not sit on it, but there can be leftover items. If you notice a tree branch or stick stuck on your roof after a particularly bad storm, ensure that you remove it as soon as possible. If you do not have the ability to climb your roof, contact your local roofing company to remove it. It can also be helpful to have them examine the structure of the roof after the damage.

Choose a sturdy roof material
If you are in the process of replacing your roof, make sure that you pick a roof material that will hold up during strong winds and heavy storms. Aluminum roofing is one of the most preferred types of roofs, because it is so strong and durable. The two most common types of metal used to produce metal roofing products are steel and aluminum. It is also important to note that some aluminum roofing materials are stronger than others. Some steel roofing is coated with an aluminum zinc alloy, providing the roof with a lifespan of up to 100 years. Work with your local commercial roofing company on choosing the best material of metal roofing for your residential or commercial property.

Schedule regular roof inspections
Roof inspections, regardless of the type of material that your roof is made out of, are important. Regular roof inspections are the best way to prolong the life of your roof and to ensure that there are no major renovations needed. You should minimally, schedule a roof inspection once per year. However, if you live in an area with extreme winds or weather conditions, you might need more inspections than that. Commercial roofing contractors can make minor repairs and maintenance to your roof that will ensure it lasts longer. They can also give you an expected timeline of when you should expect to have to fully replace your roof.

Regularly clean your roof
Cleaning may not seem like it is an important maintenance step in caring for your roof, but it can also prolong the life of the roof. Aluminum roofing especially can be damaged by excessive water. If the water sits for long periods of time, rust can begin to develop. As the roof gets more and more rusted, the structure of it begins to wear down. You may be forced to replace or repair your roof much sooner than expected.

The roof on your home or commercial property is one of the most expensive parts of the entire property. If you have to fully replace your home or commercial office?s roof, you could end up spending thousands of dollars. You can often prolong a new roof by caring and maintaining the one that you currently have. Remove debris from the roof regularly, install high quality gutters, regularly clean your roof, schedule annual roof inspections, and choose a durable material when you do replace it.

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