Top Five Browsing And Planning Tips For New Apartment Renters

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Looking around for a new apartment? It can be a real slog. You have to compare price after price, keeping an extra sharp eye out for any good deals while simultaneously considering location, customer reviews and the omnipresent concern of insurance. How do you manage it all? As with all journeys, finding a quality apartment that suits your lifestyle begins with a single step. Whether you’re new to the game or you’re a apartment living veteran, the five tips below will ensure you won’t be led astray when it comes to amenities, leasing and common sense.

Did You Know?

Let’s test your apartment knowledge. Studies have shown 33% of renters will move on a yearly basis, with a grand total of 42 million housing units occupied by renters throughout the United States. The vast majority of home buyers, specifically, search online at 80% and around 70% of apartment renters reported owning cats or dogs. When it comes to the average American, a person will actually move around 12 times in their lifetime.

Check If They Accept Pets

The last thing you and your furry friend needs is a nasty surprise waiting at the end of the journey. Not all apartment complexes accept pets and even the ones that do will often have specifications on which ones are allowed within its walls — some places only accept cats, for example, while others put a limit on certain dog breeds. The majority of pet-friendly house was found to charge a separate pet deposit, with the average amount being anywhere from 40% to 85% of the rent.

Apply For Renter’s Insurance

Think you don’t need insurance because you’re renting an apartment rather than owning a home? Think again! Renter’s insurance is a great back-up plan when you’re on a budget, giving you some fallback if your place becomes the victim of a break-in or a fire. Even better? It’s incredibly affordable for the value it gives. According to the U.S. News, the median monthly cost of renter’s insurance is around $15.

Glance At Customer Reviews

Even the best amenities can’t cover up a lackluster living experience. This is where customer reviews comes in. While no single renter is going to be satisfied (indeed, everyone has different sticking points and issues), a pattern of similar complaints and frustrations should stick out like a sore thumb. Are you seeing a lot of commentary on lazy management? How about air conditioning that never seems to work? Don’t expect a perfect place, but there’s no need to settle for less, either!

Always Budget Accordingly

We’re all a little tight on money. As such, it’s important to budget correctly when seeking out your planned amenities and furbished apartments. A good rule-of-thumb is to consider how much you can afford to pay — try not to exceed 30% of your monthly income, though this number can fluctuate a little depending on what you’re willing to let go of.

Fill Out Your Apartment Application With Confidence

Whether you’re eager to find some good pet friendly apartments or are more interested in luxury apartments, you should be filling out your application with the utmost confidence. A little extra research never hurt anybody and can absolutely put you in a much better spot to tackle any issues that come your way, such as unique amenities you didn’t account for or renter’s insurance rates. Landlords generally require a security deposit to better insure against property damage, with the majority of states limiting their security deposits to one and a half times the monthly rent. Ready to start your first step?

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