Three Reasons Why Private Preschool is an Option Parents Should Consider

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Anyone who is the parent of a small child that is getting ready for preschool should consider the many benefits of sending their child to private preschool. Doing so can greatly help a child?s education through smaller class sizes, opportunities for other educational activities such as summer camp, and acceptance into high quality private schools, after the child has begun their early learning. Here are three reasons to consider the benefits of private preschool, and how to find a preschool that meets the needs of both the child and the parent.

Decide if the Preschool Should Be Private, or if it Can Have Religious Training Attached

Over 75% of students who attend private schools are part of ones that have religious background. This might be catholic, Christian, or some other form of religion. For some parents, choosing the best preschool can mean that their child is learning about religious text, or will be well-equipped to participate in certain activities at church, such as confirmation and so on. Although these activities can vary by age, young children in preschool may spend most of their time learning about religious stories or important individuals in their religion.

Private Preschool Means More One-on-One in the Child?s Classroom

One of the benefits of preschool, particularly private preschool, is the fact that young children can have more quality time with their teachers, enabling them to learn more. Over 30% of private schools had a ratio of 10:1 for students and teachers, which was over 7% lower than what public schools can offer. This means the teacher can spend more time getting to know the child, and helping them learn in a way that makes sense for them. Private schools can help children get ready for the next grade, and eventually prepare them for college.

Some Private Schools Offer Opportunities for Summer Camps

Although this varies by school, many private preschools and other private institutions offer summer camp for their students. This may allow them to meet new children, focus on activities or subjects they are struggling in, and learn new things. Over 10 million children in the United States alone attend some kind of summer camp, and for those who have just moved to a new area, or will enroll in the school for the first time that fall, this might be a helpful way to break the ice.

There are many benefits to enrolling a child in a private preschool. Doing so can mean the child may learn about religion, if that is something the parent would like. They will also have more time to spend with teachers, thus becoming focused. Finally, many private schools offer summer camps that allow children to learn more about the instiution, and catch up in their studies. For new students, this can be essential in helping them break into somewhere new, while overcoming any jitters they may have.

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