Repairing Hard Water within Your Home

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It is certainly important to try and the daily recommended amount of water. Recent research shows that drinking enough water can reduce the risk of many cancers. In addition, this same survey showed that hydrated individuals had a 45 percent reduction in colon cancer and a 50 percent reduction in bladder cancer. However, many adults are falling behind these crucial water recommendations. One reason behind this decline in those drinking water could be because of the hardness of their water. Recent research shows that about 85 percent of homes in the United States are afflicted with hard water. In this post, you will learn about the havoc hard water can wreak on a home and how to fix it.

Hard water is water that contain minerals that can erode surfaces over time. If you are continually using water within your home, more minerals will build up. The first area that hard water can damage are pipes within a house. Homeowners will likely be unaware of the blockage caused by hard water until the problem starts to get out of hand. Effects of hard water can begin to show at 7 grains which isn’t even considered an extremely hard water zone amount.

Another area that hard water can damage would be your appliances. You’ve learned that the minerals from hard water are bad for pipes. However, this same water must exit out of the spout of an appliance. Over time, minerals will build up within your appliances which can cause them to wear down quicker. Homeowners never want to have to learn that entire appliances need to be replaced. However, that very call could happen to a homeowner who lets hard water go untreated for too long.

The damage that hard water can cause can easily be treated. Whole home water filtration is a commonly used treatment method. One system for cleaning the water in a home is through reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is a process in which water is pushed through a filter. This filter blocks minerals from mixing into your water. Whole house filtration can include reverse osmosis processes in order to ensure your drinking water is clean and safe.

In conclusion, hard water can be extremely harmful to a home. Hard water can cause buildup to form on pipes and appliances in your home. Over time, this buildup can lead to expensive calls for needing entire appliances replaced. One way to stop the damage caused by hard water is through treating it as early as possible. A well-known water treatment method is reverse osmosis. This process pushes water through a filter that removes minerals and bacteria.

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