5 Types of Outdoor Wedding Dance Floor for your Guests

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In wedding planning, it’s common for the bride and groom to forget or ignore certain wedding features that may seem less important in the name of saving for the honeymoon. Make no mistake of overlooking the idea of having a dance floor in your wedding reception. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor wedding affair, a dance floor is an essential element to consider; not just for you, but also for your guests. Generally, a dancing platform makes dancing more entertaining and comfortable for family and guests. It also protects feet from rugged terrain and wet grass.

For those thinking of having an outdoor wedding, it’s vital to consider an event rental service that will deliver the best wedding services and keep your mind at peace from the hustle of wedding preparations. As many married couples attest, wedding preparations can be quite frustrating. With your wedding planner handling things on their end, focus on your guests’ happiness and comfort. Ensure you hire a dance floor big enough to accommodate a large number of guests.

Outdoor Wedding Dance Floors to Consider
Weddings are costly, but wedding rentals are also invaluable for couples who choose to hold backyard weddings and receptions. There are various dance floor designs to consider especially if you’ve settled for a garden wedding, or if your reception will be at the same venue. They include:
1.Illuminated Dance Floors
This kind of dance floor is commonly used in modern weddings with a club theme reception. The floor is made up of ultra-strong glasses fitted with LED lights. The changing colors of LED lights illuminate elegance and sophistication, as well as provide a classy platform to show off some dancing skills.

2.Uniqely Shaped Dance Floors
What if you can offer an element of surprise to your guests or spice up your wedding decor? Would you do it? With a non-square shaped dance floor, a wow factor is guaranteed. A good example is a circular dance floor that creates a cohesive look for both the ceremony and reception. There are other distinct shape floors to suit your wedding theme.

3.Black and White Dance Floors
If you are aiming for a memorable wedding, which will be the talk of the town, a black and white dance floor is the way to go. This type of an outdoor wedding dance floor acts as a centerpiece for your event and also leaves an exceptional impression. There are various mixed chequer board designs with different sizes to consider. Dance floor size is equally important if you are operating on a tight budget. Just allow family and friends to feel as if they were kings and queens while moving across the chequered board spaces.

4.Oak Parquet Dance Floor
This is another lovely and functional outdoor wedding dance floor that features vibrant crosshatch patterns. Most people choose this flooring rental because it is both inexpensive and versatile in its application. For an outdoor event like a wedding, this will be a great addition as it defines a dance floor.

5.Plank Dance Floor
Plank dance floor is another good choice when looking to hire a dance floor for an event. Be it a wedding ceremony, graduation party, birthday or any upscale event, you’ll need the services of a dance floor because most people love to dance. The design in this dance floor is a bit rustic and shabby, but it sets its own theme perfect for classic events. Either way, it offers an ideal platform to groove on.

When it comes to party rentals, ensure to keep them in mind to avoid needless scuffles with your event planner. But make sure you enjoy the moment when the music starts playing. Both an indoor and outdoor wedding dance floor serve the same purpose: dancing your heart out.

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