Three Benefits Of Using A Short Distance Moving Company

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On the surface, it may seem that there’s a big difference between a long distance move and a short distance move. Certainly, there are often different reasons for long distance moves versus short distance moves. People moving over long distances are often doing it because of things like career changes, or perhaps due to academic pursuits. If you’re moving a short distance, you aren’t relocating so literally. Most people aren’t going to switch houses just to shave ten minutes off their commute, or to be slightly closer to a college campus. A lot of the time, people move short distances simply because they need to be in a larger home — perhaps their family is expanding. Conversely, they could be downsizing after the kids move out. Some people move short distances simply because they want to be in a better neighborhood, or wish to be in a house with a greater value. No matter what a person’s reason is for moving a short distance, they should know one thing: a short distance move isn’t necessarily easier than a long distance move. You’ll need to find a mover for a short distance move just as you would a long distance move. As we’ll explore below, there are many benefits to using moving labor professionals for short distance moves. In fact, some short distance moving companies even specialize in these types of moves, and can provide services specifically with them in mind. Let’s look at some of the advantages of using short distance moving companies.

1. You Can Hire Help By The Hour

Often, a long distance move will require a contract of some kind. This is because long distance movers have to actually travel a good distance to help people move, and will therefore often need overnight lodging, among other things. A short distance move can be accomplished over the course of a day, or at most a couple of days. Therefore, short distance moving companies often offer the option of hiring out moving help by the hour. This can help you save a lot of money, while at the same time making the moving process much more efficient. By paying people for the hour, you’re paying them for the exact amount of work they’re doing — no more and no less. Short distance moving companies can help you get a rough idea of how much time your move will take, and this will better help you plan your budget as well.

2. Rental Trucks Are Available

In some cases, you might not feel the need to hire professional movers to help you pack up your home — but you will need a moving truck. For one thing, no normal car, no matter how spacious, will be big enough to move all of your furniture. For another, moving trucks allow for people to make fewer trips — often just one — while moving. Even if you’ve decided to pack up your home on your own, short distance moving companies can often provide clients with rental trucks. You’ll often rent a truck for just a day or a couple of days, and get your move done on your own time. Of course, you might be intimidated by the idea of driving a moving truck at first — but don’t worry. You can talk to the moving company about which truck is right for your needs, and companies often provide primers on how best to safely drive moving trucks. With that being said, you should still consider having your home packed up by professionals.

3. Moving Professionals Make Packing Efficient

Chances are that professional movers will be better at packing up a home than you — this is just a simple fact. Professional movers know how best to quickly and efficiently pack up items. They’ll make it less likely for items to break, as they’ll pack them with their fragility in mind. They’ll also make it easier for you to differentiate between where your items are, and thus make unpacking simpler too.

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