Why Using Green Cleaning Products is Better for You and the Environment

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Keeping your home clean can be the first step in keeping your family healthy. Areas that you use everyday for cooking, playing, watching tv or working can harbor germs and dust that can make you and your family and pets ill. You can do small cleaning jobs yourself but when it comes to full-scale house or apartment cleaning, a professional cleaning services will leave your home clean and sparkling. Even better, if it’s a service that uses green and ecofriendly products, you can be sure that your efforts to keep your home clean are not harming the environment.

How clean is your home?
The answer, despite your best efforts, is that your home doesn’t stay very clean. Feet track in mud and dirt, mold finds damp spots in the kitchen and bathroom to flourish, food crumbs find cracks and corners to hide. In fact more than one out of five, or 22% of Americans, feel that their carpets are dirtier than their toilet seats.
And the vast majority, or 84%, also feel that clean carpets are essential to having a clean home. They don’t do very much about it, though, and very few actually follow the EPA recommendation to deep clean carpets every six months. Only about half or 55% follow this schedule.

Finding time to clean
To be fair, it can be difficult to find time to clean. Even if you work on the principle that a little cleaning every day keeps things from getting out of hand, it takes time. In fact, it takes a total of 739 hours or 30 days a year. One of the benefits of hiring a maid service is that you gain back that time for other things.
Hiring a maid service for regular house or apartment cleaning doesn’t just free you up to do other things, it also makes sure that your home gets as clean as possible. Best of all, if you can find a house cleaning service that uses green cleaning products, your home will be clean and healthy, and more ecofriendly.

Why use green cleaning products?
Have you read the labels on regular household cleaners lately? Be prepared for a shock if you do, because they are full of toxic chemicals. You wouldn’t ordinarily want these anywhere near your family or pets. As many as one third of all cleaning products contain ingredients harmful to to the health of humans or the environment.
What’s more, studies have found that cleaning products and soap produce 30,948 tons of hazardous waste each year. Switching to green cleaning products, that are better for you and better for the environment, is the responsible choice. More and more people are making this choice, and sales of green cleaning products have increased by 35% recently.

When it comes to complete house or apartment cleaning, nothing beats the convenience of hiring a dependable maid service. When you need a special deep clean, or spring cleaning, or apartment cleaning for a move in or move out, the professional can do a thorough job. And if you have a maid service that uses green products, you can be sure that you will have a healthier home and environment.

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