5 Ways You’re Not AloneEven if You’re Not Living in Luxury Student Apartments

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“Where do you live?” It’s a question we each answer hundreds, if not thousands of times throughout our lives. With modern housing trends as they are, the answer can vary widely and will for many of us at various points throughout our residential journeys. Depending on what sector of the population you look at, housing options run the gamut.

For student housing, apartment living is usually the prime choice. From apartment amenities to apartment safety, young people consider various options before deciding on a choice like off campus housing or even luxury student apartments. Even if you’re not a student living in a space as high-end as luxury student apartments, just remember that you’re not alone in your housing habits:

  1. Everybody’s Moving…Constantly
  2. Feel like you just asked your buddy to help you move? You probably did. According to a report, an estimated 35.9 million Americans move every day. That adds up to a lot of trips and a lot of boxes.

  3. Yes, the Grass is Still Greener
  4. Another report found that 14.8% of people moved because they simply wanted a new or “better” home or apartment. Renters and owners alike prove to care greatly about the look and feel of the space and can be greatly affected by the quality (or lack there of). It seems this may even be tied to a renter or owner’s psychology. Nearly 50% of all moves happen in the summer, between the beginning of May and Labor Day, suggesting that the onset of higher energy, sunshine and accompanying moods may trigger an interest in changing up one’s living environment.

  5. We’re Not Ready to Commit
  6. According to the Census ACS, 36.90% of households in 2014 were renters. This isn’t surprising considering the large responsibility, along with freedom, that home ownership entails. By renting, individuals ensure that their landlord manages a building’s livability. If repairs, for example, are not made within 21 days of an apartment inspection, a renter is permitted to file suit against the landlord. This type of landlord accountability can be very attractive to renters looking to live with fewer domestic responsibilities.

  7. But We Are Willing to Pay Up
  8. While many of us may not be willing to commit to purchasing a home, renting does come at a cost. And it’s not always so small. The average renter in the U.S. in 2014 spent $934 monthly, according to the Census ACS survey.

  9. We’re Not Sitting Still for Long
  10. If current trends weren’t indication enough, Americans are reported to move on average about 12 times in their lifetimes. And in the renting realm specifically, about 33% will move each year.

No matter where you’re at in life, there’s no one way or place to live. While many students reside in luxury student apartments or standard rental properties, those farther along in adulthood may opt for true home ownership. Your preference and current lifestyle may lead you to a variety of appropriate and suitable options.

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