Tips to Help Your Child Stop Wetting the Bed

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Many children, around the planet wet the bed. As upsetting as it can be for your child, it is normal. It is estimated that when you look at children who are five years old, about 15% of them still wet the bed. One thing you can do to help is to get waterproof fitted bed sheets for your child that are similar to the waterproof sheets for babies. Here are some tips to help you deal with the situation.

  1. Bedwetting is normal. Everyone develops differently. Every body develops differently. The issue of wetting the bed is universal because it has a physical cause. The problem is that bladder has not yet begun to let the brain know it is full and that the child should get up and go to the bathroom. This is not a behavior issue.
  2. Change how you think about the situation. You need to let your child know that you understand what is going on. Because this is not a behavior issue, it is big mistake to discipline your child for wetting their bed. If they feel that their waterproof fitted sheets are waterproof sheets for babies, you should let them know that bed wetting is a natural part of their development. If you were to punish them for this kind of thing, you are just going to introduce stress and make it harder for them. Show them compassion. If you have stories from your own childhood, they may help your child feel better.
  3. Bring this up when you take your child to the doctor. Your pediatrician has a lot of experience dealing with children who are having problems with bedwetting and they may have ideas that can help you. Many parents do not like the idea of bringing up their child’s bedwetting with the pediatrician, that is a mistake. No matter how many times you hear or read that bedwetting is normal and is not something to worry about, hearing this from your child’s pediatrician will make a difference in how you feel about the situation. It is important for you to bring down your stress level or to reevaluate your attitude about this because your child will pick up on the subtle clues that you give off. Because every child is different, your pediatrician will have better advice for you than your best friend or your neighbor. What worked for their children may not work for yours.
  4. Let your child go on overnight visits. Having overnight visits with their friends is an important part of growing up and gaining independence. You should talk to them about the situation and what they should do. You should work with them to come up with the way they will deal with the situation when they are at a friend’s house and how they can keep the bedwetting to themselves. Be careful with the way you talk to your child about bedwetting. It can really have an impact on their self esteem that goes beyond looking at their bed like it has waterproof sheets for babies and not for a child of their age. Never let them think they should be ashamed of themselves for experiencing this very normal part of their development.
  5. There are products you can get. There is underwear you can get to help your child get through the night both at home and when your child is at a friend’s home. This can make is easier for everyone get a great night’s sleep, which is important for the entire family.

Experts in child development say that bedwetting is caused by several things. Children who wet the bed have either a immature nervous system, a small bladder or they sleep so deeply that the signal that they need to pee just does not reach the brain. All of these are normal and most children do grow out of the problem.

It is possible to get waterproof sheets for people of all ages. It is customary to get waterproof sheets for babies but bedwetting is not the only reason people like to have waterproof sheets. Many athletes like to have waterproof sheets. Older people may benefit from these sheets for other reasons. People who sweat at night like them as well.


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