Sailcloth Tents Add Elegance To Any Event

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No matter your party or special event, there are hundreds of details to take care of in order to make your occasion all you dream of, from food to seating arrangements and more. One of the fundamental decisions in planning a party is the tent and chair rental, as well as tables, linens, and accessories. The best and easiest option is to hire an event rental supplier. The best rental companies offer plenty of experience in the business, as well as the ability to provide a package deal for your event. Besides, if you are hosting an event that will require a tent, one might as well get the tables, chairs, and linens from the same company. As a whole, rental linens include items like table cloths, napkins, sashes and chair covers, and other items that add to the decor.
Before arranging for tent and chair rental and other party equipment rentals, there are a few preliminary steps. First, estimate your guest count. There’s no sense in ordering tables, chairs and chair cover rentals if you haven’t finalized the number of people who will attend. Once you’ve got the number set, the event planning consultants will help you decide what type of tent accessories and furniture will best suit your space. For example, round tables require more square feet per guest than rectangular tables do; this is the type of knowledge that experienced event rental companies can provide. Another consideration, depending on the event, is whether or not a dance floor rental will work for your space. If you are hosting a wedding or sweet sixteen party, dancing is an essential and traditional part of the event, and equipment may be required.
Overall, though, the most impressive component of a big event ensemble is the tent. Consider the space available as well as your guest count and budget when choosing a tent rental option. For example, the surface on which the tent will be erected can influence the type of tent suitable to the site. Pole tents must be anchored to the ground with stakes, while frame tents can be popped onto just about any flat surface. These are the little details that a tent and chair rental company can help figure out.
There are different types of tents for different occasions and spaces. The most basic is a pop up canopy, which is lightweight, small, and has a collapsible frame. Suitable for small occasions or events that have multiple spaces for guests to choose from, this style is good for DIY set up and take down, and is easily transportable. The next step up is a larger frame tent, and after that, a traditional pole tent, which has been the classic go to tent for most party rentals. Ideal for all types of occasions, they feature peaked roofs and a distinguished look. However, they do require a fairly large space.
One of the most beautiful and elegant choices for tent rentals is sailcloth tents. Inspired by nautical use, sailcloth tents are made from translucent white sailcloth material, which is both waterproof and durable. The best thing about sailcloth, though, is that it gives the illusion of floating in the air, especially when it is accessorized with lights and natural wooden poles. With their sea themed inspiration and gorgeous appearance, sailcloth tents have become a popular choice for weddings and baby showers.
For your next important event, treat yourself to a relaxing, fun party planning experience by hiring a party equipment rental company. Tent and chair rentals are what they do, along with tables, linens, and other accessories. They take care of the basic components of the event while you focus on the fun details.

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