The In-Ground Pool An Investment in Your Health

Luxury pool options

The requirements and process for constructing an in-ground pool can seem daunting for many homeowners. Understanding the construction process, which starts with marking out the area you want and digging the large hole, is necessary for many given the commitment that is being made. But for all the trepidation associated with the process, in-ground swimming pools have numerous benefits that make them popular across America.

Statistics show that there are an estimated 10.6 million swimming pools in the United States. Swimming pools can be used through most of the year in many states. Activities can include relaxing by the side of the pool or swimming, which is the 4th most popular sport in America.

The benefits of owning a swimming pool, for yourself or your children, involves a series of points. Swimming is considered a top cardio exercise, with one hour of vigorous swimming burning up to 650 calories. Because there is no impact, compared to running on pavement, joints undergo less pressure and remain secure. This makes swimming an ideal activity for those with disabilities or even illnesses like arthritis.

Another draw entails the use of a swimming pool as part of a general outdoor space. An outdoor space can have many aspects, including a custom pool, a hot tub, a tiled patio, and a design that creates a spa in your backyard. 51% of homeowners who are upgrading their outdoor spaces spend six or more hours there per week.

A custom pool can have many features. Some options are a jet system, a self-cleaning system, LED lights, and even a waterfall. This requires the assistance of custom pool builders who specialize in custom pool construction. A custom pool company assists with the design, and types of custom pools that are available include the spas, Roman pools, and accessories like tanning ledges.

While these could be considered luxury pools, the idea for many to construct a custom pool is to have a personalized space in the background for rest, relaxation, and enjoyment for yourself and your kids. Outdoor entertainment areas are a growing industry, with a projection to generate $7 billion in revenue during 2015.

Whether you’re shooting for a custom pool or a standard in-ground pool, remember to research the process the constructors will go through to build the pool to get an understanding of the time frame and work required. For many, swimming pools are a worthwhile investment, in time and in health.

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