What You Need to Know About Modular Homes

Modular home builders

In the United States, there are 17 million people are living in manufactured homes. Manufactured home have decent appreciation rates. If an owner or a manufactured home also owns the land on which it sits, they can expect it to appreciate over time. In 2009, about 74% of new manufactured houses were put on private property. If you are considering talking to modular home builders, you should learn about what they are and how they can be built to suit your needs.

First things first, explaining the concept of the modular home.

Homes that are build in a factory style setting and are manufactured inside are called modular homes. Modular home builders construct the components of the home in one location and then move them to the site and assemble them. Modular homes should not be confused with mobile homes. These can be called system built factory built or prefab homes. The main difference between a regularly built house and a modular home is where the parts of the house are built. There is nothing mobile or temporary about their construction.

It takes much less time to build a modular home than a regular home. Most modular home builders can complete their homes within one to two weeks. It normally takes traditional home builders several months to complete construction of a home. A lot of the speed with which modular homes can be completed comes from the fact that they are built inside. Typically, when homes are built on site, it is almost inevitable that delays will happen. Many of these delays arise from problems with the weather. There are very specific rules, regulations and guidelines that govern the construction of modular homes. They also have to comply with a more stringent set of building codes than homes that are built on site.

If you are looking at getting this kind of home, there are a lot of modular home options. You should make it a point to do some comparison shopping as not all modular home builders are the same. There are big differences in the price, service and the quality of the product you get from each. Make sure you do some research into the different companies before you hire any of them to build your home.

You Can Get the Look You Want with a Modular Home

People often think that when they buy a modular home they will be getting some cookie cutter house that looks like many other houses. People think that they cannot get the look they want that reflects their personal style. While it is true that there are some limitations when you are working with modular home plans, you can get the style of home that you want. If you are interested in a home with a Mediterranean style or a Colonial, you can get that.

In addition to getting the style of home you want, you can add on a number of features to personalize your modular home. If there are styles of windows you really like or new architecture details that you would like to see in your modular home, you can get that. Many modular home builders can work with you to build your dream home.

Modular Homes Will Cost Less

Modular homes are usually a lot less expensive than homes that are built onsite. This is because of the speed with which these homes are built and the fact that they are inspected at the factory, you end up saving a lot of money without compromising quality and style. As with any home construction, the more complicated and elaborate your design is, the more it will cost. When you are working with different modular home builders, work out the price and on getting what you really need and want. You may want do some research and decide what features you really need before you talk to the builder about your design. If you go in with a list of the things that you must have in your home and the optional features, you will get a running start to designing and building your home and will ensure you get your dream home.

Designing and building your modular home can be a rewarding and ultimately cost saving experience.

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