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So you want to move to Florida. Beautiful beaches, stretches of open driving, and an average of 248 days of sunshine every year. Maybe you?ve heard that Florida is overcrowded and touristy, and that may be true of some areas, but there are places that are natural, not crowded with tourists, and just tucked away as sweet little towns. For example, Land O’ Lakes has a population of just 31,996 people as of 2015. It?s close to Conner Preserve, in Central Pasco County, a protected natural area that, since 2003, has been preserved for water management. There is camping there, and bike trails through the amazing landscape of sandhill ridges, lush marshes, cypress sloughs, and more. It?s a beautiful place to live.

Beside the natural beauty of the area, Florida makes buying a new home affordable. The state of Florida does not collect an individual income tax, so it can save thousands, if not millions of dollars, for someone in a high income tax bracket, moving to Florida another state that does collect income tax. Additionally, Florida offers a tax exemption if you buy a home there and declare it as your primary residence. The savings from that kind of move allows you to dream big, to look for contemporary design, modern home plans, and a self-sustaining community, where your investment is solid.

An initial question will be whether or not to look into master planned communities. What to look for in a planned community depends on your interests. For example, some planned communities have clubhouses, pools, tennis courts or golf courses. Others have cafes and offer dance classes. It?s important to check into that. More importantly, both in respect to the community and to the home builders, talk to the residents, and ask whether or not they are happy with their new homes and the community.

Once you?re sure about your decision of whether or not to join a master planned community, choosing a home builder is next. Be sure to utilize the local newspaper?s real estate section; watch for projects and new developments in the area you?re interested in moving to. Keep in mind that some developments don?t allow the option of choosing a home builder and some do. Sometimes there is a pre-decided design theme, so one neighborhood might be going for an old-fashioned feel while others might be focused on modern home plans or minimalist design. This will be important to find out ahead of time. If you don?t get the option of choosing a home builder, be sure you?re happy with the one chosen for you.

Choosing a home builder takes careful research, and lots of talking to people and asking questions. Working with a home builder should be an exciting, positive experience, as you watch your modern home plans come to life. The Pasco County area of sunny Florida will make a beautiful backdrop for your new home!

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