An Adjustable Bed Buying Guide

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Most American adults do not get the seven to nine hours of sleep that is recommended by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). The NSF has further reported that nearly 90 million people snore at least some of the time and 37 million deal with snoring regularly. More than 90% of all adults in the country say they get up at least one time during the night. All of this insomnia costs the national economy an estimated $63 billion each year in lost productivity. One big factor in this is the kind of mattress a person uses. For people who are kept awake at night by medical issues, they may look at different styles of adjustable beds to help.

If you are looking at the different styles of adjustable beds, it is important that you know what exactly differentiates adjustable mattresses from traditional ones. The adjustable mattress has an electrical motor and a metal base. The motor is operated with a remote control and can be raised and lowered at both the foot and the head.

When people sleep on a regular mattress, their body is only supported in some areas. The additional stress and strain this puts on the muscles can lead to pain in the neck and back. For people with back problems, this makes sleeping very challenging. All the styles of adjustable beds support the entire spine making it much easier to get to sleep and to stay asleep.

The Difference with the Frame of the Adjustable Bed

For all the styles of adjustable beds, the frame is the foundation. It is heavier in adjustable beds than in traditional beds because it both holds the motor that moves the bed and supports the mattress.They are also made of steel, which makes the mattress much stronger but also that adds more weight. The better quality styles of adjustable beds are heavier as they use thicker and heavier steel. These mattresses will last longer when they have stronger steel.

The next things to look at are the rollers. They move the bed and also work to support the mattress. The materials used to make the rollers are nylon, metal or wood. Nylon last the longest and is the quietest of the three. When beds have the other two kinds of rollers, they have a tendency to squeak when they move and they put more stress on the motor by creating more friction in the bed.

The motor of most styles of adjustable beds should have a warranty attached to it. It is supposed to cover anything that may go wrong with the motor. When you are looking over the warranty, it is important to note that the beda that include a warranty that last from 10 to 20 years are better quality beds than the ones with shorter warrantees.

The Different Adjustable Mattresses

This is the second most important part of the bed. There are three kinds of mattress for the different styles of adjustable beds.

The Innerspring Mattress

The interior of these mattresses has hundreds of small coils that are enclosed in foam. The coils compress when weight is added and go back to their normal size when it is removed. Some people swear by these kinds of mattresses and others hate them. Many people do not recommend this kind of mattress for an adjustable bed.

The Air Chamber Mattress

These basically consist of a central core that is pumped full of air that is surrounded by foam. Owners use a remote control to get the desired amount of air into the mattress and can fill it to the support level that helps them the most. There are some styles of adjustable beds that have this kind of mattress that let two people to sleep side by side with different settings for the amount of air in the bed that changes the firmness of it.

The Memory Foam Mattress

These use a foam that was designed by NASA and was used on the Space Shuttle. It is a very slow recovery foam that can hold its shape when someone sleeps on it and conforms to their body giving them a good deal of support where they need it. Of all of their options, this is the kind of bed that most people who suffer from bad pain prefer.


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