Are You Dealing with Problems Caused by Water in Your Basement?

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This has been the wettest summer in history. As the southern part of the U.S. prepares to avoid the threatened outbreak of the Zika Virus, environmentalists, scientists, and physicians make plans to eliminate and treat standing water, as well as plan for a number health clinics to test for the arrival of the disease.
While the threat of a frightening virus is scary, other realities that result from historical amounts of rain cause immediate problems. Leaking basements, overworked sump pumps, and unexpected water pressure on foundations can create problems that are both expensive and extensive.
Basement cracks and leaks need to be addressed as soon as they are discovered. In fact, even small cracks can turn into large foundation issues if they are ignored. Large problems with foundations can turn into water inside water damage that can be challenging to fix. If, for instance, home owners do not clean up and dry out their home thoroughly and quickly they will soon face problems of mold growth. If excess water is not removed and items dried within 24 to 48 hours mold will start.
Home Waterproofing Can Help Home Owners Avoid Expensive Damages
Fixing basement leaks is no fun. It is expensive, it is messy, and it is time consuming. In an attempt to avoid these kinds of repairs, many proactive home owners contract with home waterproofing companies. Home waterproofing companies can help minimize basement water leaks by applying basement water proofing treatments. These companies can also advise home owners about other techniques that will minimize water problems. For example, foundation experts indicate that all plants should be placed at least two feet from the foundation and they should be planted low enough in the soil so they do not direct water toward the foundation.
Spring rainfalls can be a great thing for crops, lawns, trees, and landscaping. Too much rain in too short of a time, however, can be a problem for many home owners. Sump pumps can fail or be unable to keep up with the rising ground waters. New home owners are wise to take the time to consult with home waterproofing services during the building process. Owners of older homes that experience water and foundation problems should address those issues immediately to avoid further damage.
As the nation continues to deal with extreme weather conditions that drop unusual and excessive amounts of rain in surprising locations, the possibility of more and more home owners having to deal with wet basement issues increases. Repairing cracks in foundation walls and following other advice from home waterproofing experts will help home owners from Chicago to Minneapolis prepare for unexpected problems. Unfortunately, nearly 98% of home with basements will at some point or another experience some water problems. The best solution is to deal promptly with any water or any signs of foundation problems.

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