How to Keep Up With Consistently Donating Clothes

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Having the ability to donate doesn’t always mean something to everyone. It’s hard to remember that gently used clothes and household items could be charitable donations. If you don’t go through everything at the same time it can be a hassle to set aside clothes every time you find something that you want to get rid of. It’s a lot easier to just throw it in the trash and be done with it. However, there are some different ideas that could make it a little easier to donate clothes.

Keep it Organized
If part of the reason that you don’t donate is because you prefer to keep your clothes organized and you don’t have anything that you want to get rid of, then you should keep some kind of container in your closet for when you find an item that can be gotten rid of. If you like to stay organized then perhaps finding a hanging basket that can be hung from the wall behind your clothes so it stays hidden. Then, once the basket is full, you can take it to a donation center or have a clothing donation pickup service come and get it. Then, put the basket back and start again. This will help you to keep up with donating without messing up your closet with all kinds of piles.

Keep it Simple
You don’t have to make donating complicated. The truth is, charities are trying to make the whole process way more simple with making clothing donation pickup services available and lowering restrictions on what is acceptable to donate. When you donate clothing now, as long as the clothes are not stained or obviously ruined, they will be accepted as used clothing donations. When you are trying to decide whether to keep or to donate something, ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • If you saw this in a store right now, would be buy it?
  • Have you worn this this in the last six months?
  • Does anything that you already own match with this?

If you answered no to these questions regarding a specific item of clothing then it’s time to throw it in the donate pile. Don’t hold on to clothes thinking that one day they’ll fit or that you are going to buy something that will make this the perfect outfit. That just complicates things. The truth is, you probably aren’t going to anyway.

Keep it Focused
One of the main reasons that people don’t donate is really because they forget why. They lose focus and lose the vision and can’t see the big picture anymore. Once that happens, it’s hard to find the motivation to donate even when clothing donation pickup services are available and everything is making it really easy. Stay focused on the real reason why donating is important and that will help you to be able to keep up on the donating routine.

Keep it Consistent
Keep up on it. It’s important. The above reasons will help you when it comes to this one. If you want to be consistent but find it hard to stick to something, this is a great place to start. Now that you know that it can be easy, try and set yourself a goal. For example, set up a standing appointment once a month with a clothing donation pickup service. Put a reminder on your phone every week to remind you that they are coming and that should motivate you to make sure there is something in the basket for them when they show up.

Deep down you know you understand the importance of donating and how great of a deed it can be. Helping families in need can give you greatest sense of purpose that you have ever felt. The immense satisfaction and pride you’ll get from knowing that you could possibly be changing someone’s life will be incomparable. Plus, you can actually write off all your donations on your taxes. Just make sure that the pick up service leaves you a receipt. Once you really get started, you’ll get into a habit and it’ll happen without even thinking. You’ll be hooked and it won’t be a hassle at all to donate your gently used clothes to charity anymore.

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