What You Ought To Know About A Whole House Water Filtration System

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How often do you think about the quality of your drinking water? Sure, some of us live in extremely water conscious cities that constantly publish the water quality data so we are fully aware, but many Americans do not. That’s when homeowners and business owners just like you have to take matters into their own hands. Below are a few ways that you can make sure that the quality of your drinking water is the best that it can be:

1. Whole House Filtration System – Did you know that the average household uses 350 gallons of water every single day? If that amount seems high, just take a minute to think about everything you use water for in your home each day. From your morning shower and cup of coffee, to washing your hands and starting the dishwasher at the end of the day there are dozens of reasons to turn on the faucet. That is why it’s so important to make sure that the quality of your drinking water is the highest it can possibly be. That’s where whole house filtration systems come into play. By installing a single filtration system you can make sure that all the water used in your home, from drinking water, to the water you shower in, is top quality.

2. Water Softener – As a homeowner you have probably heard of the damage that hard water can sometimes cause. If you have hard water you may notice a higher than normal about of soap scum in your sinks or bathtubs. If you do happen to notice this then you aren’t alone. In fact, nearly 90% of American households deal with hard water. The good news is that there are water softener systems that you can have installed to reduce the amount of calcium, magnesium and manganese (the minerals that make water “hard”) in your household’s drinking water

3. Chlorine Removal Options – Most of us know that certain amounts of chlorine in water is a good thing. Chlorine can regulate harmful enzymes that sometimes enter your drinking water depending on where you live. However, too much chlorine can be bad for your health. Many cities in America are publishing their water quality data and usually include a section on how much or how little chlorine is present. If you are unsure just get in touch with your local water utility and ask them to explain. If you feel that your chlorine levels are too high, you may want to invest in a chlorine removal system.

Water makes up over 65% of who we are, and influences every single bodily process. In other words, it’s extremely important to our livelihood. That’s why home and business owners like you must place water quality at the top of your priority list. Ask someone today about installing a whole house filtration system, water softener, and your chlorine removal options. Once you have a system installed you can rest assured that the drinking water in your home or business is the best that it can be.

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