What To Know About Repairing And Restoring Your Church’s Furniture

Church steeple crosses

Does the furniture in your church that desperately need a facelift? Perhaps the wood on the pews and altar is cracking or the structure of the steeple is decomposing. Many churches across America are facing this problem because their churches, beautiful as they may be, are getting older. The issue that people face when they want to replace, repair or restore the furniture in their church is that they are unsure of how to do it without taking away from the beautiful history the furniture holds. That’s where highly skilled technicians come in to safely transport, repair and restore the furniture that means so much to your congregation. Here’s a bit more information:

1. Church Pews – Pews range in size, shape, and style. For instance, some church pews have cushioned seating and footrests, whereas others are simple affairs made of wood. The differences in pews have much to do with the type of church they are in. For example, in churches where kneeling prayer takes place often, pews are often equipped with kneelers. If the pews in your church are not sturdy, have places where the wood is warped, or other issues with them, but you don’t want to get rid of them it may be a good time to consider paying a restoration company to get them back in working order. Antique church pews need special care which is why restoration companies take care of transporting your pews to their facility, where they will restore them to their original beauty before returning them to your church.

2. Church Steeples Do you know your church steeples history? Was it the first steeple in your town? Or perhaps crafted by one of the first pastors hundreds of years ago? The church steeple is often the part of the church that can be seen from far away, but unfortunately it is often an overlooked part of regular church maintenance. Knowing your church steeples history will give you even more reason to take care of it. If you are afraid that the steeple on your church is not in good shape, you may want to have a professional come take a look. It can’t hurt!

3. Church Pulpits – Another part of a church’s history is the pulpit set. That is, the stand that the pastors preach from and the chairs that they sit in before and after the sermon. Often times the pulpit in a church has been there for generations which makes it priceless. Without proper care, however, that priceless piece of furniture won’t last. The next time you take a walk around your church pay special attention to the condition of the pulpit set. If you see something that concerns you don’t hesitate to bring it to someone’s attention. It will give them time to contact a restoration company before it’s too late.

In many cities across this great country the local church is often the oldest building. There are rich histories that come along with those old buildings and we ought to do all we can to preserve them. That is why along with learning about your church pew, church pulpit, and church steeples history, you need to make sure they are properly maintained. Don’t let the history fade!

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