Why Living The Lakeside Lifestyle Is Good For Your Health

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It is not money that makes retirement pleasurable (although that surely helps, too); for over 80% of retirees surveyed in a recent survey, good health was the key determinant for a happy retirement. Keeping active is a core part of that with research showing that those who participate in three to four activities regularly are happiest, compared with those who do just one or two. Whether it is embracing the lake lifestyle like you have always wanted to or building a dream home, health and continued activity must factor into all retirement plans.

Retirement living can seem stressful, but almost half (48%) of Money Magazine survey respondents were happier in retirement than they expected to be. The key is to understand the change in pace and have core goals that you know are achievable. It is also a chance to do many of the things you never could do before, which is why looking after your health is so important. If you intend to change your neighborhood — or even your state — when you retire, look for areas that offer suitable and attractive recreational opportunities.

Currently there are over 40 million over-65s in America, accounting for 13% of the population. The over-65s will account for 20% by 2030 when y’all baby boomers have all reached retirement age — and most of you will be looking for new adventures to keep you young in your twilight years. Fun on the water can be a great way to meet the CDC over-65 requirements of at least two hours and thirty minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity per week and participating in muscle training twice per week. Whether it is fishing, boating, barbecuing, or engaging in other lakefront activities, the lake lifestyle offers a wealth of opportunity for fun, activity and relaxation. Make lakeside developments are also linked to golf estates or situated close to golf courses.

Places like Bluffton and Charleston, South Carolina rank alongside the likes of the staple Florida destinations in the 2014 Forbes list best places to retire to.

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