In Case You Need Another Reason to Eat Pizza

Outdoor built in pizza oven

The 21st century has introduced us to technology that previous generations couldn’t have imagined. However, it has also changed our daily lives in ways we may not even be aware of. This includes a significant decrease in time spent with family. In the past, it was expected for families to spend dinnertime together each night. This was the time to catch up on the happenings of the day and learn more about loved ones.

Today, an alarming number of families are spending less and less time together. The number of family dinners has decreased by 33 percent over the past 20 years. Even when families are getting together to eat, the length of time spent together is extremely short. The average dinner lasted 90 minutes sixty years ago. Today, the average dinner lasts 12 minutes.

Studies have shown how beneficial family time is for children and adults alike. By taking the time to prepare a meal and sit together to enjoy it, families are improving their physical and mental health. By sharing a family dinner three or more times per week, children and teens are less likely to be overweight and engage in risky behaviors. They are more likely to have healthy eating habits and perform well academically. It may seem insignificant, but sharing a meal together each night can greatly improve the relationship between a parent and child.

When one thinks of bringing together family and food, it’s hard not to think of the Italians. It has long been their tradition to share food and love. The good news is that quality Italian food isn’t far out of reach.

Outdoor pizza ovens are one way to turn dinnertime into quality time with loved ones, and all you need are the ingredients for your favorite pizza and each other. Everyone can make their own pizza and watch as it turns into crispy goodness in front of their eyes!

With an outside pizza oven, families can learn more about Italian traditions while enjoying the company of those they love the most. There are also outdoor portable pizza ovens for sale, as well as wood fired pizza oven accessories. These are great for camping trips or big parties. There are also outdoor pizza ovens available for patio use.

Outdoor pizza ovens offer families the chance to eat delicious food and share quality time together, something that most families lack these days. By making the effort to spend dinnertime together, families will become stronger and more involved in the lives of their loved ones.

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