Investing in Farm and Ranch Land

Cattle ranch

If you are looking to invest in land, farm and ranch land have ample opportunities available throughout the United States. There are just over 2.2. million farms in the United States and as many as 96.4% of crop-producing farms are owned by families. Furthermore, there are large amounts of equestrian property for sale to start a ranch. To start, it is important to know the difference between farms and ranches. A ranch is an area of land that is used to raise livestock. Different types of ranches include a cattle ranch or a horse ranch. Farm land is used more for agricultural purposes, such as growing crops and cultivating food.

Investing in Farm Land
The state of Wyoming has nearly 30,169 million acres of land used for the production of agriculture, so if you are searching for farm land for sale, this is a good place to start. According to Forbes, most farmers collect money off of their land by renting it out to other farmers. So even if you are not a certain type of farmer, investing in farm land then renting it out to a neighboring farmer can still bring you an income. In fact, in 2013 Wyoming farms’ crop production totaled $520 million so farm land is an investment that is sure to bring you a large return.

Investing in Ranch Land
Whether you are looking for equestrian property for sale or a ranch for sale, the land will bring you good returns with your investment. There are many options available once your purchase ranch land. One option is to raise cattle then sell them for food. As food prices rise throughout the years, so does the return on your investment.

Another option is to open a ranch to the public and use it as a resort. A high end resort ranch will bring people from all over the world, and having a work cattle ranch on the property will only increase the experience for visitors.

If you are looking for equestrian property for sale to invest in a ranch or farm land for sale, there are many opportunities available in the Western United States. Even if you do not plan on working the land, you can rent it out to someone who will, which further increases your investment. In addition, land increases in value over time so it is a great real estate investment option.

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