Homebuyers Look for Self-Sustaining Communities

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Today’s homebuyer has a variety of needs and requests when they are deciding on a purchase. These requirements become even more specific if a buyer is building a custom home from scratch. Energy efficiency is often high on the “most wanted list.” In fact, 94% of people responding say they want Energy Star-rated appliances. Some of these same buyers are also looking for ways to be part of a self-sustaining community. Wanting a “green” household is a growing trend, and studies show that it even adds to the resale value of a home, especially in a self-sustaining community. In fact, a green certification label on a house can add an average of 9% to its selling value.

Even buyers who do not consider themselves “green” are concerned about the money that they will have to spend, especially when they are buying a NEW home. When considering the purchase of a new or custom built home, both heating and cooling costs were at least somewhat important to 86% of buyers. In addition, the costs of commuting were considered at least somewhat important to 70% of buyers.

While many buyers are looking for energy efficiency, for many others proximity to a school is a more important factor for buyers. A recent survey by Realtor.com included 1,000 prospective homebuyers. The results showed that 91% of those surveyed said school boundaries were important in their search. So much so in fact that 20% of homebuyers would give up a bedroom or a garage if it meant that they could be closer to a better school. Some self-sustaining community plans take this information to heart as they layout the homes and the other parts of the area. Tampa master planned communities are one example of a Florida location that is catering to the needs of families with young children.

Master planned community developers take many things into consideration when they plan modern home design. The real estate market for a new home is competitive and community planners realize that whether a buyer is looking at single family homes or looking for a multi-family dwelling, the decision to purchase will involve thoughtful consideration. The best builders realize that they must meet customer satisfaction if they want to be competitive.

If you find yourself in the process of deciding what to look for in a planned community when you are working with a home builder remember that energy efficiency and proximity to schools are just two of the important factors you might consider.

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