The American Dream 20 – Luxury, Custom Homes Of The Future

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In the 1950s, the American dream meant a home to call your own, a patch of green grass, and those famous white picket fences. But in 2015, many Americans of means are looking for a little something more — contractors and designer home builders say that luxury custom house floor plans are the next big thing.

So what are the most popular luxury renovations among American Dreamers this year?

Salt Water, Not Just For Beaches

Especially in the increasingly dry environs of a-little-too-sunny California, salt water swimming pools are the latest hot ticket item among the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. Salt water infinity pools are particularly popular this decade too, and not just in Beverly Hills.

Stay Connected…

The American Dream has gone digital. Many U.S. homeowners are opting for high-tech “smart systems” installed throughout their home. These fully-wired systems connect to smartphones or tablets, and allow people to control everything from their sound systems, temperature controls, and security at the push of a button on their phones. In fact, custom house builders say these smart systems are quickly becoming the norm in luxury custom house floor plans around the country.

Going Green By Spending Green

Eco-friendly amenities have also become popular over the past several years. Little things like convection ovens, which cook food using less energy, and big things like geothermal heating systems, which also use less energy and reduce homeowners’ emissions footprint in the process. Plus, solar panels are an increasingly common sight on rooftops.

Fun Fact: Studies show that homeowners are much less likely to install solar panels on the side of their house facing away from their neighbors.

Not Your Grandma’s Dusty Basement

Wine-loving Americans are not only including wine cellars in their luxury custom house floor plans, but tasting rooms as well. Many wine-inclined homeowners are even getting vineyards planted on their property.

Kitchens Of The Future

Although kitchen islands, granite counter tops, and custom fixtures are still common sights in deluxe kitchens, many homeowners are also getting fully functional outdoor kitchens added onto their homes, according to luxury custom home builders. And what custom, outdoor kitchen would be complete without a wood-fired brick oven for custom pizza making?

If you’re so inclined, there’s really nothing you can’t have added to your home in 2015. The only limit is your imagination — and your bank account. Find more on this here. More research here. Helpful sites.

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