5 Ways to Have a Unique Wedding

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Have you ever been to a wedding and felt as if it was a cookie cutter wedding? The food was the same as every other wedding you’ve been to, the venue was similar, the dress was similar, and even the bridesmaids looked similar. While there are many areas of a wedding that require planning, many brides make similar choices, leaving the wedding feeling similar to others’ weddings. If you are planning a wedding, try making unique choices that will surprise and excite your guests.

Consider a different gemstone
While females may not always have a say in their wedding rings, sometimes the partner may ask their preference. Around 74% of brides get diamond engagement rings, making them the most popular ring overall. If you are looking to be unique, you may want to consider choosing a different gemstone that better represents your personality, perhaps your birthstone.

Have an outdoor wedding
In most towns and cities, party venues flood the market. This can make it highly difficult to choose from the party venues to find your perfect wedding venue. Among the party venues, you’re likely to find banquet halls and wedding ballrooms. If you’re lucky, you also may find outdoor wedding venues. Surprisingly, only about 15% of wedding receptions are outdoors. If you are looking to have an outdoor wedding, you will want to look into outdoor wedding venues such as lake wedding and beach wedding places.

Choose unique colors
An important part of finalizing wedding plans is determining the color scheme. Around one in five brides choose to have the color purple as part of their wedding’s color scheme. As a result, many bridesmaids wear some form of purple. In order to make your wedding more unique, consider having more unique colors in your color scheme. You may also want to consider having your bridesmaids wear different, but complimenting colors.

Choose a rare dress color
While some brides may be apprehensive to go against this tradition, another way that you can have a unique wedding is to choose a dress that is a unique color. Only 10% of brides decide on a wedding dress that is neither white nor ivory. If you want to have a unique wedding, but still maintain the traditional feel, you my choose to go with a champagne dress or mauve dress instead.

Have unique food options
One last way to have a unique wedding is to have food options that are different from the traditional three-course meal. You may decide to have a make-your-own sundae bar or perhaps a buffet of Chinese food, depending upon your preference. Your guests will appreciate that you went above and beyond to make your wedding stand out.

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