Finding An Affordable Adjustable Bed in Your Area

Adjustable bed mattresses

Getting an adequate amount of sleep every night is a crucial element in ensuring not only your physical health, but your mental and emotional health as well. When sleeping on a traditional flat mattress, however, getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult.

Research from the National Sleep Foundation shows that approximately 15% of the American population struggle with chronic pain from sleeping in the wrong position. For example, sleeping on your side has been shown to cut off blood circulation and hinder breathing.

If you find yourself having trouble getting a good night’s sleep and often feel as if your muscles are tense and uncomfortable, it may be a good idea to switch from a traditional flat mattress to an adjustable bed.

Promoting Good Health by Buying an Adjustable Bed:

  • Utilizing a traditional, flat mattress has been shown to cause pain by allowing one’s body to shift into improper posture or cramped positions during sleep. One of the best benefits of adjustable beds is that you have access to thousands of comfortable sleeping or lounging positions which can help to alleviate physical pain. Since research from the American Chiropractic Association shows that between 80-90% of individuals report having back pain, clearly an adjustable bed can do people a lot of good.
  • The best adjustable bed will not only help you to sleep better, but will reduce muscular tension. Adjustable beds have been known provide relief from lower back pain, leg swelling and poor blood circulation in the legs. If these areas have caused you severe pain, an adjustable bed can help you to feel much better physically.
  • Have a partner or a spouse that disagrees with you on what kind of mattress is best? Looking into dual adjustable beds can keep both of you happy. Dual adjustable beds allow you each to control the adjustments of the mattress so you can uniquely customize what kind of personal comfort you want.
  • Getting better sleep on an adjustable bed can help you to feel much more refreshed and recharged upon waking up, improving your outlook for the day and subsequently your mood.

Many people are wary of adjustable bed prices — especially dual adjustable beds — but adjustable bed prices don’t necessarily have to empty your wallet. Many mattress stores offer deals and discounts at certain times of the year, and many are more than willing to set up payment plans that work for both parties.

Have you had any experiences buying an adjustable bed and looking for affordable adjustable bed prices? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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