Three Ways to Spread the Christmas Spirit With Those in Need This Holiday Season

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With the holiday season in full swing, many people are taking part in their favorite traditional Christmas activities to get in the holiday spirit. From baking Christmas cookies to cutting down and decorating a Christmas tree, this time of year is filled with all sorts of fun and memorable traditions. Another holiday tradition that has continued over the years and often leaves the best memories is giving back to those in needs. There are countless charities looking for all sorts of donations this time of year, and you can help by setting aside a little bit of time to collect items to donate or volunteer. Three of the most essential things non profit organizations need this time of year are:

  1. Lightly Used Clothing – Charitable clothing donations are always appreciated, but they are especially necessary during the holidays. Many less fortunate people can barely afford clothing, and when winter rolls around finding clothing to keep warm throughout the season is especially challenging. By donating lightly used clothing that you no longer wear, you can help ensure that someone (or many people) in need has the necessary clothing to stay warm all winter long.
  2. New Toys – Toys are another item that many organizations desperately need during the holidays in order to brighten the spirits of children from low-income families. Many parents work tirelessly just to put food on their family’s table and can’t afford to buy their children a gift for Christmas. We all know how exciting it is to find presents under the tree on Christmas morning, and your toy donation could help spread that excitement to children who otherwise would have no Christmas surprises.
  3. Your Time – While tangible donations are very much needed during the holidays, many organizations also lack the number of volunteers they need to organize and deliver donated items. There are countless organizations that could always use an extra hand, particularly around Christmas time. If you have a day or even just a few hours to spare, volunteering at a charitable organization can help keep things running smoothly to ensure that every family and individual in need gets the items intended for them.

Making donations for non profit organizations and volunteering your time are great ways of helping families in need over the holiday season. From lightly used clothing and toys to a few short hours of your time, there are a number of ways you can help spread the spirit of the holiday with those who are less fortunate this holiday season. Read more.

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