Adjustable Beds For Better Sleep

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Ideally, we try to get eight full hours of restful sleep for a fully functional day, but it seems that we are always looking how to get a better night sleep. An adjustment to your bed can be the trick to getting better sleep, whether it causes pain or just discomfort. Adjustable beds for seniors or handicap beds are also a great option for those suffering a wide variety of ailments that causes discomfort during sleep. To sleep better at night, consider these facts and tips:

Inclines on A Bed Can Keep You In A Good Position
A slight raised head or foot of the bed can stop you from curling up in your sleep, causing muscles to tense up and pain throughout the next day.

Flat Mattresses Are Not Natural For Sleep Positions
The spine is naturally formed into an “S” shape which does not mold well to a flat mattress causing back pain over time. While sleeping, a person moves and readjusts many times unconsciously to prevent cramping, pain, and tensin that is caused by prolonged stagnant positions. Flat beds have shown to even make your sleep patterns worse, which is why many people feel that they have better sleep in a reclined chair or lounge chair. Adjustable beds or handicap beds are perfect for people who already have spinal issues and need more supportive sleeping situations.

There Are Many Issues That Can Cause Poor Sleep
Headaches, migraines, TMJ, back pain and neck pain all contribute to poor sleep. The best adjustable beds will allow you to create multiple positions by lifting and lowering your head, neck, knees, legs and feet. The right combination will relieve pain and create the best nights sleep.

If you are one of the million Americans suffering from a lack of restful, restorative, comfortable sleep, consider replacing the traditional mattress in exchange for a truly amazing adjustable bed! See this link for more references.

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