5 Steps for Choosing Living Room Furniture for a Fashionable Contemporary Design

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Living room furniture is some of the most important in a house, considering all the time that a family spends hanging out, eating and even sleeping in that room. But creating a warm, inviting and yet fashionable feel can be challenging, especially for those working on a budget. Here are five easy steps that can help you create a fun and functional living room design:

  1. Start With a Set

    Living room furniture packages including a couch and one or two matching chairs are a great opportunity to get high quality furniture at an affordable price, since normally the package price knocks off quite a bit from what the total would be if the pieces were purchased separately. Look for something relatively plain in a classic style, something that you could create several designs around. This ensures that even if decorating trends change, you’ll be able to stay up to date without buying expensive new furniture.

  2. Add an Accent Piece

    Choose a chair, chaise or bench that fits with the style of your furniture set, but is upholstered in a different color or pattern. If you have the piece custom upholstered, get a few throw pillows in the same material; you can put these on the couch to tie everything together and make it look as if you’ve had everything custom made.

  3. Collect Tables

    Avoid sets that include matching coffee and side tables. Instead, try to go for the “curated collection” look that’s so popular right now. This means finding tables that coordinate, but look as if they were bought at different times and in different places than the rest of the room’s furniture. You can even use the definition of “table” loosely, substituting plant stands, chests or similar flat-topped items.

  4. Make a Statement With Lamps

    If you want to create a trendy look, do it with your lamps. This is a relatively inexpensive and easy-to-change way to add ambiance to your room. Consider playing with various heights and shapes of lamp bases, and use several colors and patterns for the shades. You can create a contemporary look by combining a very traditional lamp base with a minimalist, clean-lined modern shade.

  5. Fill in With Accessories

    In order to avoid a crowded, busy feel, don’t add tchotchkes to the room until you have all the other elements in place (an exception, of course, should be made if you’re using an accessory as the color or theme inspiration for the room’s design). Since you can use upholstery patterns and functional items such as lamps as artwork, you may be surprised at how few accessories you truly need to add by the end — and that means less clutter and easier cleaning.

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