Tips for Selecting Selecting a Companion Care Service

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Searching for the right caring companion can be a difficult and emotional process, but if you keep the following factors in mind, it should make the decision easier:

Areas of Service

Elder care programs usually serve specific towns and communities. Even larger organizations may not provide elder care programs in your area. Often it’s best to go as local as possible. You’ll be working with people who also work with your neighbors and have a stake in the community. You’ll also have a better chance of getting back-up service if your regular caring companion is unavailable.

Included Care Services

Companion care isn’t the same as personal or skilled care. Typically, caring companions prepare meals, do some housekeeping, and help the client with daily activities like reading, writing and entertainment. Companion care providers typically don’t touch the client. Usually they’re around for piece of mind rather than physical assistance. If you think this level of care is adequate, be sure to ask about how companions may respond in emergency situations.

Many families struggle to provide adequate transportation to their loved ones, whether they’re going to physical therapy, doctor appointments or social events. Many types of elder care will allow caring companions to work as drivers and some even provide vehicles for transportation. These services can be useful, but they all come with a certain level of liability risk, so many agencies will not offer them. You can choose to sign a waiver of liability sometimes, but you should always check with your insurance provider first.

Funding and Payment

You should always ask an in home care service about rates and possible funding opportunities. Some agencies charge by the hour while others charge based on service packages tailored to your budget. Your hourly rate may actually improve if you invest in more services. Compare prices between providers and also be sure to look into funding options. Insurance may cover companion care, and there are several subsidization options for people struggling to cover the cost of care. Links like this.

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