Three Tips Every Seasoned Apartment Hunter Knows

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Renting an apartment offers tenants a number of advantages, from affordable rents to high quality living spaces and great amenities. Because of this, it is perhaps no surprise that an estimated 35% of American adults to choose to rent an apartment instead of buying a home. However, apartment hunting stops many prospective renters in their tracks: an infamously long and confusing process, most people have no idea where to start, much less how to find the right unit for their lifestyle and budget. Fortunately, seasoned apartment hunters know that an apartment search can be simplified dramatically by making a few smart choices. Follow the tips below to help you find an apartment today!

Pick an Area
Before you can start analyzing apartment floor plans and amenities, you need to know what neighborhood, suburb, or town is right for you. Consider how far you are willing to commute for work, to visit family and friends, and other important factors. Then, map out the areas that are a reasonable distance from these features. Look for areas that have access to parks, grocery stores, and other desirable qualities, and once you have a few picked out, visit the neighborhood, even if you’re just driving by. Is this a safe area where you would feel comfortable living? Can you see yourself spending time in this neighborhood? If so, plan to look for apartments in the area.

Search Yourself
While it may be tempting to hire apartment locators to simplify the process, be wary: real estate agents and other professional apartment hunters are known to direct potential tenants to paid listings, meaning that they might avoid apartments that could be perfect for you because they stand to make less of a profit. For this reason, even if you hire someone to help you find apartments, do at least some searching on your own. Look for listings in specific neighborhoods within your budget, but be willing to take a chance and schedule a showing with one with a slightly higher rent; some landlords are open to negotiation.

Set Reasonable Expectations
It is possible to find affordable apartments with a number of attractive amenities; unfortunately, these apartments might not always be in the neighborhood you want, or might even be a little outside your budget. Be aware of the average rent price in your area, and be prepared for apartments in great areas or with amazing features to cost a little extra. While you shouldn’t live beyond your means, in some cases, a great apartment might even be worth the higher cost.

Apartment hunting might have a bad reputation, but if you can find the right place for you, it’s all worth it in the end. Follow the tips above and you’ll join the ranks of successful apartment hunters who know that renting an apartment is an affordable, beneficial way to live in the modern United States. Start your search today!
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