Renters Fears May Lead to Wrong Extermination Decisions

Atlanta bed bugs

According to a new survey from the National Apartment Association, 39% of renters said that the pest they’d “least” want to see in their new apartment was bed bugs.

After all, the nasty, blood sucking parasites can cause severe itching, hives, or even blisters. To make matters worse, they can spread incredibly quick, laying as many as 500 eggs in their lifetime.

Worst of all, perhaps, is the misconception people have about extermination solutions. Many think that the most effective bed bug treatment is to chemically bomb them, which is not only harmful to the environment, but could be quite harmful to the resident as well. According to one study from the Illinois State University, “there have been incidents where fumigants have escaped, causing illness and death to exposed workers and the public.”

Instead, it’s much safer to use a natural bed bug treatment, like heat, to kill the nasty, little critters.

It’s a simple practice. Bed bugs are capable of withstanding a range of extreme temperatures. The parasites can survive nearly freezing temperatures to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The key to killing them with a natural bed bug treatment is to heat the apartment to 140 degree Fahrenheit for two hours, or to 130 degrees Fahrenheit for three hours.

This natural bed bug treatment is also more effective than chemical treatments. Not only does it kill the bed bugs in hard to reach places where chemicals may not be able to reach, but this natural bed bug treatment can also kill the eggs, ensuring that you only need to use it once.

Essentially, the best bed bug treatment is a non-toxic bed bug treatment. If your home has been invaded by the devilish parasites, you’d be wise to use an eco friendly bed bug treatment, like heat.

If you have any questions about natural bed bug treatments, feel free to ask in the comments.

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