Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Apartment — Before You Even Move In!

How to find an apartment

Indulging in the myriad advantages of apartment living is one of the greatest perks of city living. No need to mow your own lawn, shovel your own snow, or repair your own major appliances — how great is that? But before you get into your sweet new pad and start living the high life, here are a few tips when looking for apartments to help you avoid hidden pitfalls.

Outlets. Hooray for electricity! It makes our wonderfully modern way of life possible. But an apartment with a marked lack of outlets can really cramp your style — not to mention create dangerous situations full of overloaded surge protectors and splitters. When you’re viewing an apartment, always be sure each room has at least two outlets, and that those outlets are on opposite walls, so you never have to run a cord far to get the power you so desperately crave.

Central Air. No, I’m not talking about your ability to breathe. I’m talking about AC, baby! Keepin your cool in the summer heat! But when you’re talking about apartments, central air isn’t just a perk — often times, it’s a necessity. Many buildings have strict regulations regarding window units, especially on higher floors, so be sure wherever you end up living can chill you out when you need it the most.

Storage. Stuff, stuff, and more stuff. Ah, sweet capitalism. Make sure your apartment has the storage you need for all your versatile solutions for modern living. But don’t stop at noticing whether or not there are closets or cabinets — open them up! Make sure closets are at least a hanger’s-width deep, and make sure your kitchen cupboards can accommodate your plates. Remember, adequate storage is not a foregone conclusion.

One final note: You may think you can only afford to look at studios or one bedroom apartments, but don’t automatically exclude two bedroom apartments from your list. While you may have to sacrifice some square footage to remain within your price range, having an extra room can come in more handy that you might think.

What are some of your favorite advantages of apartment living? Got any great apartment hunting tips? Or horror stories? Feel free to leave them in the comments below. And happy hunting!

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