Buying and Selling Real Estate A Quick and Dirty Guide to the Process

Real estate selling tips

Moving to a new home is a stressful event, but there are plenty of things you can do to feel more prepared when you are buying and selling real estate. First, your buying a home checklist should include plenty of collaboration with your real estate buying expert. Also, when you are selling your property, you’ll want to ensure that you have finalized all transfers and other aspects of the deal. If this process has you confused, here is a quick and dirty guide for buying and selling real estate before you move:

    Before Selling Your Home…
    1. Repair It: Make sure to do any repairs necessary in order to make a quick sale. Most home buyers will be wary of anything sold “as is,” so if it’s a major project, you’ll want to complete it before it’s on the market.
    2. Transform It: Your home may require more than just repairs. For serious rehab, be sure to contact an expert in “flipping” a home — that is, making it more desirable to buyers with upgrades, redecorating, and other additional features. Also, work with a home staging professional or look up staging tips for selling your home online to make your home more attractive to buyers.
    3. Prepare It: Decide whether or not you want to work with a real estate agent; sometimes, you can offer your home as “for sale by owner.” If you need expert advice, you can also contact a lawyer who deals with property issues. Also, you should contact the bank that handles your mortgage to ensure that you are able to begin buying and selling a home.

Once your home is one the market, you’ll be ready to begin looking through these tips for buying a home:

    Before Buying a Home…
    1. Narrow Your Options: You’ll want to make sure that you’re looking in the right location and that you know your budget. It’s also crucial to know whether you want a resale or a newly constructed home. If you have family, or plan to have children in the future, having the right amount of space is also important.
    2. Call the Professionals: You’ll need to consult plenty of people before you choose to buy a home. One thing everyone should do, even with a new home, is to contact a home inspector to see if there are any major or minor issues with the house’s construction. If you’re not already working with a real estate agent, now is a good time to choose one.
    3. Make the Offer: When dealing with a resale, you’ll need to get approved for a mortgage first. Then you can set your price at or below the asking price of the sellers. Have your real estate agent and/or broker help you negotiate this deal.

Have more questions about what to do before buying and selling real estate? Be sure to ask the pros, and leave a comment below with any general inquiries. Helpful research also found here.

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