Three Myths About the Locksmithing Career You Should Know Before Seeking Your Certification

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The need for affordable locksmithing services is only increasing as time goes on. According to the Degree Directory, the industry is set to expand by 7% over the next decade, meaning there is no better time to seek out your locksmith certification and get started in your career than now. That being said, too many people make the decision to become a locksmith for all the wrong reasons. If you’re planning to get your locksmith certification, whether you want to become an auto car locksmith or focus on home security, there are some things you really ought to consider first.

Three Things to Consider Before Seeking Your Locksmith Certification

  1. Being a Locksmith is Not “Easy”
  2. As Locksmith Training Central points out, a lot of young men and women decide to become a locksmith because they think the job is easy. As anyone who has worked for commercial or residential locksmith services can tell you, it is not an easy job. You work erratic hours, always have to keep up with the latest security technology, and you often have to deal with customers who think they’re far above you. In short, it’s not the easiest job to do well.

  3. Becoming a Locksmith for Money is a Bad Idea
  4. A lot of people get into locksmithing when they see that locksmiths can make $100,000 a year. Here’s the thing: it’s undoubtedly true that, if you stick with it, you can eventually make a really great annual salary. However, that takes time. At first, you’re going to be making money, but it’s not going to be anywhere near the six-figure range. If you’re okay with paying your dues and working your way up, though, this can be a great career with great pay.

  5. You Need Your Locksmith Certification
  6. The most ignorant thing you can do when trying to become a locksmith is think you can do it without training and certification. First of all, depending on where you live, it may be illegal for you to practice without being certified. Secondly, not many clients are willing to risk their homes on uninsured, non-certified locksmiths. Avoid the law and improve your chances of finding success by becoming certified. As the Master Locksmiths Association points out, you can either apprentice with a master or study at a technical school to get the education and licensing you need.

Did you get your locksmith certification and start a career as a locksmith? What tips would you give to others thinking about getting into the field? Let us know in the comments below! Helpful sites.

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