Want to Help Military Families and Veterans? Here are Four Simple Ways You Can

Value of charitable donations

When our men and women in the military come home from their service, they may have trouble adjusting back to civilian life. Issues such as finding work, paying rent, and raising a family can all cause problems for veterans, and as a result, they may end up facing thousands of dollars in debt. Some veterans even wind up without a home to return to. For those interested in helping military families, though, there is help. There are plenty of ways to donate clothes, food, money, and time necessary for helping military families and veterans.

Looking for ways to help? Here are some easy ways to help contribute charitable donations to veterans and their families, including disabled veterans, as well.

1. Donate clothing: Clothing donations in the United States are great for helping military families because many of them have children. Donating clothing is also environmental: it helps reduce land pollution, and it helps to reuse materials that could otherwise be recycled. Clothing needed includes clothes for adult men and women and clothing for children, too, because they need new garments on a regular basis.

2. Donate food: Do you have canned items sitting unused in your pantry? If so, these are great foods to donate to a shelter or food cupboard that serves veterans in your area. Additionally, many disabled veterans have trouble completing their grocery shopping. Fresh foods can go a long way in helping feed vets and their families.

3. Donate money: Just about any charitable organization will accept monetary donations. Before donating, be sure to look into the best charities to donate to in order to ensure that the money will go to the people who need it most. Charities that help veterans include those that provide clothing, food, shelter, and other basic necessities.

4. Donate time: If you can do it, volunteering is a rewarding experience for you and for the people you help to serve. See if any charities in your area need help sifting through donation, serving or cooking food, or simply providing guidance and companionship to veterans. Services that help secure employment for vets are also in demand, as many of them report a great difficulty in finding work when they return from their military service.

Have suggestions for other ways of donating to veterans and helping military families? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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