Shoji Screens International Style and Grace for Any Home

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Homeowners and interior designers alike often struggle to keep up with the demands of fashion, but there’s no need to rearrange your life for the sake of keeping up with flashy trends. As in life, the most elegant solutions to home decoration are also the most timeless. You can discover the easiest way to introduce a touch of worldly decorum in your home with Japanese shoji screens.

Japanese shoji screens, better known as Japanese style sliding doors or Japanese room dividers, have been a mainstay of Eastern home design for centuries – in fact, the earliest shoji screens date back to as far as China’s Han Dynasty. Nowadays, shoji screens and doors are available in a large variety of materials, including vinyl and wood in addition to more traditional water proof rice paper. This variety not only increases the durability of your shoji panels, but also allows you to accessorize to match the designs in any room of your house.

Japanese shoji screens are typically used as doors and
room dividers, but can also be utilized as windows and headboards. Regardless of how or where they are applied in your design, Japanese shoji screens provide a warm glow to any room, letting in soft light reflected through thin paper, a technique that is perfect for masking the effects of harsher lighting. Throughout the day, the natural light filling a room through a shoji room divider will take on different qualities, gradually increasing and decreasing intensity while never overpowering local light sources. Thanks to the innovations of contemporary interior design, using Japanese shoji screens means you’ll never have to sacrifice style for functionality.

In Western interior design, Japanese shoji screens are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the usual sliding doors because they provide a uniquely international flair. Ideal for entertaining and relaxing, homeowners throughout the Western world are discovering the one-of-a-kind benefits that Japanese shoji screens provide. Implementing Japanese shoji screens into your home and you’ll immediately feel the benefits of a timeless sense of style seamlessly merge with modern convenience.

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