How to Find the Perfect Outdoor Bridal Shower Venue

Your wedding is one of the most critical days in your life, as you’ll be celebrating with your loved one. As you might expect, weddings aren’t cheap and require a sizeable budget and a precise schedule. If you want a beautiful ceremony without going bankrupt, you should consider throwing a backyard wedding with an outdoor bridal shower venue. Moreover, a backyard wedding requires preparations and new elements that aren’t present in ordinary weddings. Consider the following tips if you want an unforgettable and outstanding wedding ceremony.

Nonalcoholic Options

An open bar is a classic way to start a wedding reception, as most of your guests would like to celebrate and have drinks in your honor. However, some guests wouldn’t enjoy the idea of being near alcohol. If you want to pass the time with your friends and family on your special day and reassure everyone who is getting along, add a non alcoholic bar to your outdoor bridal shower venue. Show inclusion and healthy options for those who want to avoid alcoholic beverages while still being part of your big day.

An open bar can be an expensive wedding feature if most of your guests want a special cocktail or a costly beverage. Nonalcoholic beverages are more affordable and won’t get any of your guests tipsy. If you want a calm and steady wedding reception, you should add an open bar after a specific hour and keep the nonalcoholic bar open as soon as the reception starts.

Consider Using a Church for Your Wedding

Your wedding reception can be similar to your outdoor bridal shower venue. However, consider using a church for your wedding and a nearby elegant outdoor venue to host your friends and family who prefer staying away from the church. Churches are elegant and classical buildings that add style and tradition to your wedding. Although you might want to do your wedding and reception in the same place, using a church as a wedding location will enhance your experience and add something unique to your special day.

A Christian church brings tradition and elegance to your wedding. Most churches are good places for wedding pictures and other memories you can make with your family and loved ones. You can go the classical way and then move to your outdoor wedding reception, as you’ll be celebrating in a bigger and more organized venue than a classical church.

Use a Leveled Part of Your Outdoors

If you want the perfect outdoor bridal shower venue, you should check your flooring condition and see if everything is on the same level. No one wants unbalanced tables and wobbly surfaces that might compromise your tables and decorations. Use the leveled zone of your outdoors and keep it steady and organized. If you have a deck or any other landscaping construction, you can use it to host your guests and the crucial moments of your reception.

A leveled floor is crucial to keep all your decoration and furniture in the same place. If you plan to install wholesale vinyl banners related to your wedding, you need to level your lawn to keep your banner steady. Use the flattest surfaces to install tables and other items such as illumination and electronics. Avoid those wobbly and uneven parts of your outdoors and keep them away from your ceremony.

Enhance Your Surroundings Before the Big Event

An outdoor bridal shower venue needs attention and care, as you won’t host a special event in a simple and rustic outdoor space. Although you might think an outdoor space doesn’t require too many preparations before the big day, you should consider a landscaping and arborist service to enhance those elements that make your outdoors appealing. Enhance your plants and remove those old trees that damage your backyard’s appearance. Add new decorative items and furniture that blend with your house aesthetic and bring something new to your property.

A professional landscaping service will give your outdoors a new look and add good decorative elements that captivate your guests. If you want to play a thematic outdoor bridal shower venue, you can play with the theme of your landscaping project and add something new to the table. Go for a Tiki-inspired wedding reception or a Rustic-styled celebration party. The options are endless when you have good landscaping on your property.

Choose Professional Rental Services

Your wedding reception is unique, elegant, and different from any outdoor party you’ve hosted before. Moreover, you should hire professionals that help you organize and lend equipment to make your celebration meaningful and extravagant. Although hiring professionals and renting equipment and furniture is expensive, they are a requirement for the success of your wedding reception. It’s hard to imagine a wedding reception without iconic decoration and an elegant and well-organized set of tables and chairs.

Quality table and chair rental services are easy to find, as you can search online and see numerous options within your area. If you have trouble finding a service that fulfills your needs, ask for recommendations from family or another outdoor bridal shower venue that you have previously attended and enjoyed. Most rental services have special discounts and promotions for wedding events. Don’t hesitate to ask them if they have a special package or promotion for your reception.

Enhance Your Appearance and Condition

Outdoor celebrations are casual and easygoing, as celebrating with nature and fresh air is liberating. However, an outdoor bridal shower venue requires more preparation and elegance, as it is a critical day for you and your loved one. Although you can go with a relaxed and simple celebration, you should prepare by looking healthy and calm.

Whether you enjoy the peacefulness of a day spa or the health benefits of a med spa, you should start preparations before the big day. Enhance your look and mood by reaching professional massagers and stylists that understand everything you need before your wedding. Wedding ceremonies can be stressful, and a spa treatment is the perfect medicine for a complicated and stressful occasion. To enhance your looks before your wedding, follow a regular sleep schedule and avoid alcohol and high-fat meals.

Add Luxury to Your Outdoors

An outdoor bridal shower venue needs elegance while keeping a casual and friendly tone. An outdoor space with good decoration and comfortable furniture is a great way to start, but you might want to add luxury elements to make your celebration more meaningful. Building a deck to host your celebration and keep the marriage table apart from the others is a nice touch. An inground pool is a good choice for your outdoors, as it brings recreation and elegance to your landscape design.

If you want to improve your outdoors and make it suitable for an elegant celebration, you should talk with a professional pool company and design a pool to your specifications. Add a pool cabin with minimalist decoration that complements your inground pool and landscape project. Illumination is crucial for an inground pool. LEDs and dim lighting help bring a romantic and intimate atmosphere to your outdoors.

Establish a Gift Area

As with similar outdoor bridal shower venue concepts, you should designate a place for your wedding gifts. Presents play a crucial role in a bridal shower, and you need to have a place to store them and showcase them while the celebration keeps going. You should consider using your deck to store your gifts if you want an outdoor reception and bridal shower.

You can store your presents inside your home and keep them safe in case of any outdoor element damage or push your present’s table. However, we advise you to keep your gifts in sight and easy to access, as you might want to open them with your guests after the big celebration. If you wish to open your wedding presents at your reception, you might want to start before the party begins.

Buffet and Catering Services

Most weddings spend a large part of their budget on catering services, as food plays a crucial role in every big event. However, an outdoor celebration such as a bridal shower or wedding reception can choose a lighter and more cost-effective choice. A gourmet buffet is a great way to keep your guests talking and eating without interruptions.

A wedding catering service is expensive and requires hiring butlers and other personnel. With a buffet, you can pay and only employ a handful of employees that keep the food running and the space clean. Outdoor events are famous for their buffets and shared meals. Moreover, a wedding reception or bridal shower shouldn’t be an exception. Enjoy a gourmet meal with the people you love in a buffet-style preparation and have a calm and relaxed celebration.

Welcome Signs and Decorations

Weddings need colorful and elegant decoration that plays with the style of the spouse and wife, as it makes the celebration more meaningful and personal. If you choose an outdoor space for your wedding reception and bridal shower, you need welcoming signs that show your guests the event’s location. A welcome sign is more than decoration but is a unique touch that makes the celebration more intimate and distinctive.

Decoration should reflect the bride’s personality and some of the groom’s qualities. Bring something unique to the table and add decorations that remind your guests of close shared moments between you and them. Weddings and bridal showers are intimate events where you bond and remember happy memories with your family and friends. Adding a welcoming and warm decoration for your wedding is a way to reflect those feelings for the people you love.

Be Aware of the Sound

Wedding celebrations can be loud. If you have your wedding reception in your outdoor space, you should notify your neighbors about the noise beforehand. If you need a permit to make your celebration trouble-free, you should talk with the local authorities and ask them for directions and recommendations. If you think one of your neighbors will interrupt your celebration by blasting music from their backyard or any other type of noise, you can talk with them and tell them about your scheduled event.

Late-night celebrations in a suburb might bring some trouble for neighbors and other visitors, as they won’t enjoy the sound of your party as much as you do. Be a good neighbor and discuss your party with each of your nearby residents and ask them what they think. If your neighbors disagree with your celebration, you can relocate your wedding to another outdoor space.

Have a Backup Indoors Plan

As much as we enjoy an outdoor event, we should always have a backup plan in case the unexpected happens. Bad weather or a hot summer night can transform your elegant outdoor event into an uncomfortable situation. A backup choice, such as a last-minute venue or saloon, might save your special day and put the party back on track.

Discuss with your couple options for an indoor saloon and venues in case there’s bad weather. Rain and chilly temperatures can ruin your outdoor events if you aren’t careful enough. We advise renting a tent big enough to host your guests and keep them dry and comfortable. If you plan to rent an outdoor space for your wedding reception and bridal shower, discuss with the homeowners about plans in case rain or other outside elements compromise your outdoor event.

A bridal shower is your preparation for the most special day of your life. Consider these tips before planning if you want to host your wedding and bridal shower in an outdoor space. Make your wedding unique and perfect by following these guidelines and applying these tips to your schedule. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional wedding planner if you think organizing an outdoor event is too much for your plate.

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