How Heating Oil Delivery Works

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Heating oil is used by many homes for HVAC purposes. It is a very effective method of heating the home that has been used for hundreds of years. Heating oil delivery drivers will come to refill the home’s heating oil reserves every once in a while to make sure the home is all set. This video shows how one heating oil delivery man handles a regular delivery.

Nowadays, modern technology has a lot to do with the delivery process. Delivery drivers use high-tech trucks that store the heating oil and then use pumps and hoses to push the fuel into the home’s oil tank. They have computers on the inside of the truck’s cabin that tell them exactly where to go and what the house looks like so they don’t get lost.

The computer also communicates with their HQ, and allows them to notify controllers of any issues they are having and how the deliveries are going. Once the delivery driver gets to the home, he will pop out and open up the meter station of the truck. He will then grab the hose and carry it over to the pipes that lead to the oil tank.

The driver then starts the pump and refuels the home. For more information, check out the video above.

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