Creative Wedding Cake Alternatives for Your Day

Wedding cakes are great for your wedding day, but they aren’t the only option. Check out these creative wedding cake alternatives for your day. Instead of traditional wedding cake, make cake balls. The bite-size baked goods are easy to make and can be decorated to match your wedding colors and put on sticks as cake pops.

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Another option is brownies. Brownies can be cut and decorated to make mini cakes. Rice crispy treats are a favorite treat at parties and make a pretty affordable wedding cake too. Cut and stack the rice crispy treats and decorate as desired. Truffles and cookies are also great alternatives to wedding cakes. Stack truffles up for a fancy look or stack cookies to give a tiered cake design. Both will impress guests.

Of course, cupcakes are the perfect alternative to wedding cakes and will reduce waste. Other bakery options include crepes, blocks of cheese, mini pies, cheesecake, meringues, chocolate boxes, and donuts. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to celebrating your wedding day.

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