5 Unique Gift Ideas For Your First Wedding Anniversary

It can be difficult to keep the spark alive in your marriage, even when it’s seemingly young. In fact, many people’s marriages suffer early simply because many assume that a new marriage is inherently good. The reality is that there are a lot of different stress factors that can contribute to early problems within a marriage. The lead up to the wedding itself is often quite stressful for young couples. Keep in mind that with the average number of wedding guests being 136, modern weddings have morphed from a celebration of love to a massive party, with corresponding budgets. This can often be something of an issue following the marriage when newlywed couples are already dealing with the personal and financial stresses associated with combining their households. It can be rather difficult to adjust to the changes associated with marriage, which is why every milestone should be celebrated. When you think about it that way, just getting through your first year of marriage without threatening divorce should feel like a win!

For that matter, even if your first year of marriage has been smooth sailing, you shouldn’t dismiss that 1 year anniversary. It’s a big deal, and a lot of people can feel neglected if you don’t celebrate that major emotional moment. With that being said, it’s easy to feel stumped when trying to think of unique 1 year anniversary gifts. A lack of unique 1 year anniversary gifts, of course, isn’t going to mean the end of your marriage. But you may very well end up regretting spending a lot of money on a boring gift that doesn’t really epitomize your spouse and all the things you love about them. And while you may feel like a practical gift is the way to go, new gutters or a reliable clamp for plumbing repairs aren’t exactly romantic, are they? Whether you’ve been with your spouse for two years or twelve, you’re celebrating your first wedding anniversary! With that being said, let’s look into some of the most unique 1 year anniversary gifts that will at the very least get your imagination started!

1. An Exciting Getaway

Think about teasing your spouse with a rather typical gift, like a floral arrangement. Then, as they look through the petals, they’ll discover an itinerary that leads them straight to one of their favorite vacation spots, or perhaps somewhere they’ve never been before! A getaway is among the more unique 1 year anniversary gifts you can invest in, and unlike a lot of gifts that are ultimately temporary, this will leave you with permanent memories. Of course, a lot of people are intimidated about the idea of going on a getaway, even for an experience as special as your first anniversary. But a getaway doesn’t necessarily have to involve going far away; nor does it require spending a lot of money. You could easily go on a low-key extended weekend trip, perhaps visiting an Airbnb or traditional bed and breakfast rather than a swanky hotel. If you have had a more stressful first year of marriage or simply a stressful week, going somewhere that will force you to relax can be amazing for your marriage.

Some of the more unique getaway ideas in the U.S. will take you away from the typical beachfronts and allow you to go somewhere truly special. And if a getaway, in general, isn’t one of the more unique 1 year anniversary gifts you can think of, why not go somewhere special to spice it up a bit? Charleston, South Carolina is perfect for homeowners looking for something historic and artistic, with a Southern charm. Nashville, Tennessee is ideal for music lovers, of course. If you’re live closer to the west coast and would like a taste of the cowboy life, you might want to try the wide open spaces of Montana. The small city of Whitefish is particularly famous as a vacation destination, and the state, in general, is known for its dude ranches that would allow you to experience not only the beautiful, natural landscapes of Montana but many of the responsibilities that cowboys and ranch hands regularly experience. These types of multi-day trips can really make your first anniversary truly special.

2. Active Adventures

Of course, you don’t have to go far from home to go on an adventure; nor do you need to spend the night away, if you’d rather cut down on the amount of time you’re taking for your anniversary. If you and your spouse are active, enjoying exercise, sports, and exploring outside, you might want to consider going on a particularly exciting outdoor adventure. These unique 1 year anniversary gifts come in a number of different forms, depending on the time of year and where you live. For example, you could try your hand at rock climbing during the summer, though you’ll definitely want a guide if you’re less experienced. A slightly easier alternative would be an exciting hike or a lengthy nature trail walk. If it’s really hot outside, spending a day on a pontoon boat could be an excellent option.

Once it cools down, you’ll want to think about a few different alternatives. Skiing is one possibility, and it doesn’t always have to involve hurtling downhill. You could also go cross-country skiing, which would be easy for beginners to handle. Another possible option for adventurous newlyweds is ice skating. While it’s not necessarily the best gift idea if you have a klutzy spouse, it can be quite a romantic activity if you’re in the mood to step out in brisk weather and hold hands while gliding across the ice.

3. A Couple’s Spa Day

While it’s not automatically among the most unique 1 year anniversary gifts, a couple’s spa day can still be a great way for the two of you to bond together. You can alter the details of your spa day once you get there, modifying it so that both of you get exactly what you want. You could spend the whole day together, or one of you could veer off into getting a facial, while the other could take advantage of the wonders of a deep-tissue massage. The latter is particularly beneficial to those experiencing a lot of stress and tension. A good massage is an excellent remedy for middle back pain relief.

Keep in mind that a lot of spas also function as health clubs. Many of them offer exercise classes, which could be a lot of fun for you and your spouse to take together. You could spend one part of the day working out and maybe even playing a bit of competitive tennis, before taking a dip in the pool, and finally relaxing with a massage or facial. A lot of spas offer on-site restaurant options, aware that many visitors spend the whole day there. This way, you can have a full experience away from the daily grind of your routine, and will truly be able to relax your mind.

4. Custom Jewelry

For those seeking out unique 1 year anniversary gifts, jewelry may not necessarily seem like the immediate option. However, giving your spouse jewelry doesn’t mean that you have to go shopping or choose from a bunch of pre-made pieces. In fact, custom jewelry is growing in popularity among shoppers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to do something as simple as matching a setting to a stone. You could create something as perfectly customized as you want it to be, made for your spouse and your spouse alone. Some people create new jewelry out of vintage pieces, while others have something made completely “from scratch”. While traditionally this may seem like something that would fit a woman better than a man, custom jewelry can also be made for men. It’s recently become a much more common trend for wives to gift their husbands with customized bands, tokens that will let them remember their loved ones in a lasting way, thinking of them each day.

Many people considering unique 1 year anniversary gifts do so because traditional gifts are perhaps a bit out of their budgets. Custom jewelry may initially appear to defeat this purpose. However, you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money to commission custom jewelry. Lots of online vendors offer jewelry options, often for a lower price than jewelers at brick and mortar stores. Of course, whenever you’re shopping for a deal and considering something like jewelry, you’ll want to make sure that you’re being careful. Paying less doesn’t always mean getting less, but you can’t automatically trust every online vendor. Choose carefully, however, and you could end up with a great piece of jewelry for less than you would spend when shopping around in person!

5. Classes

Couples’ classes have recently become one of the more popular options among unique 1 year anniversary ideas. You and your spouse can both learn interesting new skills, while at the same time bonding, relaxing, and perhaps creating something for one another. If you’re not ready for a weekly course, these classes don’t have to be major commitments. Many of them just last a day. Perhaps one of the classic types of couples’ classes is related to cooking and baking. Creating food for one another can be quite romantic, and the two of you could potentially recreate those meals for one another well after you finish the class. Think about being able to cook a multi-course meal, and how impressed your spouse would be if you could try that again in the kitchen. Some people even choose to take a class as a surprise, with the anniversary gift being the recreated meal. Dessert classes are also excellent unique 1 year anniversary gifts. Imagine crafting candied flowers with your spouse, and applying them to cupcakes meant to celebrate your first anniversary. If you really want to try something extra unique, try your hand at a cocktail making class. That would be pretty special, wouldn’t it?

Of course, you don’t have to make food with your spouse. A lot of couples have fun creating artwork together. After all, one of the most famously romantic movie scenes of all time is the scene from “Ghost”, in which the couples work on pottery together. You could end up being one another’s models, which is quite romantic as plenty of fictional stories have shown us. Just learning together, in general, is a fun experience for couples. You’re trying something new together, and picking up a new skill is always exciting. Look at some of the ideas we’ve mentioned above. Rather than going to a spa, you could always take a massage class together, and take what you’ve learned home with you. You could also consider taking a dance class, which will bring the two of you closer together both physically and emotionally. Of course, the truly brave might consider something super bold, like an acting class. The main idea is stretching yourself and getting out of your comfort zone with your staff.

One of the main reasons why people pursue unique 1 year anniversary gifts is that they want to make a gesture to their spouses that really lasts in their memories. If you know that your spouse loves to work out, maybe the two of you should go to a health spa together; if you know that they have a passion for cooking, then the two of you should consider a cooking class together. The fact is that there are plenty of options available for couples that simply want to give each other an anniversary gift. But couples looking to create something extra special for each other might want to think outside the box.

No matter what, you should feel proud about making it through that first year of marriage. Unique 1 year anniversary gifts aren’t about the amount of money you spend, or even wowing your spouse. It’s about celebrating this milestone, and looking forward to your future together.

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